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"In our December 1983 issue, we challenged the cyanoacrylate industry to come up with a non-clogging dispensing nozzle for CA bottles. We did not get a non-clogging nozzle, what we got was explanations and instructions. Shucks, we already knew all that good stuff. "

About this Title

RCM 1984/07 July
Patricia Crews (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
July  1984
Magazine, 111 pages

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About this title

Vol. 21, No. 7


From the Shop

Le French Poudle
Sweepings From the Balsa Dust Factory
1941 Taylorcraft BF 12-65
The Other End of the Transmitter
Conversion of Monogram's '32 Ford to R/C
Hand Launch Technique
YS .60 FR Engine Review
A Sunday at the Lake
Don Trunick, Practical Scale Modeler
Try This One On Your Next Taildragger
RCM Subscription Contest
Pattern Power Performance
Safety Check List from the STARS
Contest Announcements

Cunningham on RC
Sunday Flier
Engine Clinic
Radio Spectrum
Power Boating
Scale Views
Big is Beautiful
For What It's Worth
Flying Lowe
Give it a Whirl
Pit Stop
Flyin' Fools

Top Flite Models: A6M2 Zero
Tower Hobbies: Harley Davidson FLH-80
Pinckert Custom Boats: Coyote
Johnnie Casburn Mfg. Co: Minette 2
Carl Goldberg Models: Sky Tiger

Showcase '84
Readers Exchange
Advertisers Index

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