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• Model Aeroplane Building: Sketch by Sketch, by Peter Holland
I'm searching for Peter Holland's "Model Aeroplane Building: Sketch by Sketch" book. Specifically I am looking for chapter nine entitled "Better wings and tails". If you have the book and you can scan this chapter, I will thank you. If you have the entire book in PDF and you can share it, I will thank you even more. Best regards from Cali, Colombia.
Andrés - 21/02/2020

• Flugzeugbau und Luftfahrt pamphlets; also How to Build & Fly Gliders, by Hugo Gernsback, 1929
I can't find all of the Flugzeugbau und Luftfahrt pamphlets (Hefts 11,12,13,14,17&18) from Germany, or How to Build and Fly Gliders by Hugo Gernsback from 1929. If any other readers have these on their book shelves, it would be good to get them converted to pdf and archived somewhere for all to use before they disappear.
Randy - 15/05/2018

• Complete Guide to Saito Model 4 Strokes
A Complete Guide to Saito Model 4 Strokes by Graham C. Rice, 1995?
MartyH - 15/12/2017

• The Making of the Planes for Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines
I have been looking for this book for a really long time. I hope it can be found and uploaded. Thanks.
edubarca - 27/11/2017

• American Aircraft Modeler, April 1972
I'm after American Aircraft Modeler from April 1972. I'd like to see the article for the Milton Schmidt RCX-4 plan.
spitfireflyby - 04/08/2017

• Modern Aeromodelling by R.G.Moulton
I would love to read a scan of "Modern Aeromodelling" by R.G.Moulton, first published in 1968 and followed by a second edition in 1974. This was the book that got me hooked onto this amazing hobby! Reading it again would certainly bring back a lot of fond memories.Thank you for hosting this wonderful site.
Min - 28/06/2017

• Model Airplane News, April 1958
Is it possible to get a scan of Model Airplane News April 1958? This was the first American magazine I had ever acquired. I purchased 3 of the plans listed in that issue and built them all. I was 15 years old then. It would be nice to re-live those times. Many thanks.
JohnWatters - 16/01/2017

• Best of Nye by AIR AGE INC
The Best of Nye by AIR AGE INC, Drawings & Plans of Famous Aircraft: Selected drawings and plans of famous aircraft from the pages of Model Airplane News (published 1964). I'm searching for Willis L. Nye Handley Page 0/400 drawings. I found a four page drawing in RCGroups but not clear enough to read details. My best regards.
AyhanAkar - 05/04/2016

• Catalogues
Would love to see scans of the old Aeromodeller, Model Aircraft and Keilkraft catalogues. Spent many an hour browsing the pages of plans and kits.
Aeromeddler - 28/10/2015

• 'Title unknown' by Dr Paul Macready
Hi, As an old flyer of mostly free flight from the 60s and early 70s and now an aging fart returning to model aircraft, are you able to obtain books written by the aeronautical engineer and designer of the cross channel man powered aircraft? He wrote a book, maybe several, on model aircraft design. I did once own one but it has been lost over the passage of time. Update 20/10/2015: the book is not 'Gossamer Odyssey'! It's an earlier text on model aircraft, published at least early 60s. It was a larger format paperback with an orange cover.
RogerOliver - 15/10/2015


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