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Latest 5 books

Air Trails Annual 1954

21/11/2018 | RCL#2346
Air Trails Annual 1954
Albert L. Lewis
1954. Air Trails Model Annual for 1953 CONTENTS "Over 200 model plane... more

AeroModeller Annual 1965-66

09/11/2018 | RCL#2335
AeroModeller Annual 1965-66
D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson & R.G. Moulton (Eds.)
1965. "A review of the year's aeromodelling throughout the world in theory... more

AeroModeller Annual 1967-68

25/10/2018 | RCL#2321
AeroModeller Annual 1967-68
D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson & R.G. Moulton (Eds.)
1967. "A review of the year's aeromodelling throughout the world in theory... more

AeroModeller Annual 1963-64

02/10/2018 | RCL#2299
AeroModeller Annual 1963-64
D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson & R.G. Moulton (Eds.)
1963. "A review of the year's aeromodelling throughout the world in theory... more

Radio Control for Models

15/09/2018 | RCL#2288
Radio Control for Models
G. Honnest-Redlich
1950. "A comprehensive work on the theory, construction and use of radio... more

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Latest 5 magazines

Scale R/C Modeler 1981/04 April

12/12/2018 | RCL#2366
Scale R/C Modeler 1981/04 April
Vol. 7, No. 2 CONTENTS Dave Platt Answers SR/CM Looks at Fabrikote... more

AeroModeller 1942/12 December

11/12/2018 | RCL#2365
AeroModeller 1942/12 December
Vol. 7, No. 85 Incorporating the "Model Aeroplane Constructor"... more

RCM 1978/09 September

10/12/2018 | RCL#2364
RCM 1978/09 September
Vol. 15, No. 9 CONTENTS From the Shop Cunningham on RC Engine... more

Model Builder 1976/10 October

08/12/2018 | RCL#2362
Model Builder 1976/10 October
Vol. 6, No. 58 CONTENTS Features: Workbench - Bill Northrop Over... more

Air Trails 1941/12 December

07/12/2018 | RCL#2361
Air Trails 1941/12 December
Vol. XVII, No. 3 CONTENTS Features: Balloon Barrage School Douglas... more

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Latest 5 catalogues, patents, other

Profile Publications No. 112: Martin B-26B & C Marauder

09/12/2018 | RCL#2363
Profile Publications No. 112: Martin B-26B & C Marauder
Ray Wagner,  1966. ...more

Profile Publications No. 111: Hawker Hurricane I

02/12/2018 | RCL#2357
Profile Publications No. 111: Hawker Hurricane I
Francis K. Mason,  1966. ...more

Profile Publications No. 110: Fiat B.R.20

25/11/2018 | RCL#2350
Profile Publications No. 110: Fiat B.R.20
Giorgio Apostolo,  1966. ...more

Profile Publications No. 109: Hanriot HD 1

18/11/2018 | RCL#2343
Profile Publications No. 109: Hanriot HD 1
J.M. Bruce,  1966. ...more

Profile Publications No. 108: de Havilland Comet Srs. 1-4

11/11/2018 | RCL#2336
Profile Publications No. 108: de Havilland Comet Srs. 1-4
P. J. Birtles,  1966. ...more

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Latest User Comments

Really pleased to see this magazine appearing on the RC Library. I remember subscribing to Flying Models in the early 1960s when it only published every two months, it took a fair chunk of my paper-round money, but was well worth it. Sadly my collection has long been lost, so here's hoping the present guardians of collections of this excellent magazine can delight us with more issues.
Stormin : Flying Models 1977/07 July : RCL#2360 : 06/12/2018

Just added a replacement version of this title, thanks to psh. For those with stiff necks ;)
Mary : Air Trails Annual 1954 : RCL#2346 : 24/11/2018

Haha! I know what you mean about the twisting & turning, Miguel :) But as you say, we're just really REALLY grateful to the people who do the hard work of scanning all these old magazines & books for us.
Mary : Air Trails Annual 1954 : RCL#2346 : 21/11/2018

I know scanning books or mags is one heck of a bore, so it's perfectly acceptable if one searches for inspiration in the spirits shelf. This Air Trails 1954 Annual must be proof of that - the person doing this scan surely must have looked for relief as shown by all those pages upside down or rotated left and right. This isn't complaining, I have the utmost gratitude to all those kind people offering their time and patience to bring these delightful scans to us with little or no thanks. Under that light a technical quibble is not here nor there, and whoever complains will they please step up and do a better job! In any case I had a good laugh gyrating like a dervish trying to follow the pages.
Miguel : Air Trails Annual 1954 : RCL#2346 : 21/11/2018

Steve & bjrn, thanks a lot for this book because as far as I remember it was the first one I read when getting into the hobby again in the late 1970s. Even though it's about 40 years old it still has a lot of very valuable information. If you can design, build and fly a sailplane, rather than a power plane, then you might understand aerodynamics even better because there's no thrust to directly oppose the drag and to indirectly oppose the weight. Therefore, the main aim should be to decrease the drag as much as possible. One way to do that is to increase the L/D ratio as much as possible by using a higher aspect ratio wing and/or a thinner aerofoil. Another way is to decrease the surface drag as much as possible by smoothing it even more. However, if someone in the Outer Zone thinks that the decrease of weight is more important, as seems to be commonly believed, then please let me know why. Of course, the L/W ratio is what makes sailplanes and power planes aircraft, rather than surface craft, but remember that I’m referring to the main difference between those two types of aircraft. Since this just might begin a discussion, I also wonder why I’ve never read about modellers using wave lift, rather than just thermal lift and slope lift. I'm talking about true wave lift, which God's creatures, the seabirds, use, not the mountain wave lift which full-size sailplanes use. Of course, using slope lift at the seaside is close to that, but it's still not the same as flying over the actual waves of water, which is the only constant source of lift. If a sailplane has an electric power system then that can be used when absolutely necessary in place of the birds' flapping wings to avoid getting wet. No, I haven't done it yet because I'm just getting back into the hobby again, but I will one day, God-willing. So, looking forward to maybe hearing from someone eventually about these thoughts,
GreggD : Radio Control Soaring : RCL#1023 : 20/11/2018

:D :D :D
Mary : Scale R/C Modeler 1983/12 December : RCL#2322 : 26/10/2018

I love the advert on page 79 for solid scale model ducks - I don't think they'd fly though.
Daithi : Scale R/C Modeler 1983/12 December : RCL#2322 : 26/10/2018

Many thanks to psh, who has found, scanned & shared the missing pages 57-64 [supplementary file above].
Mary : RCM 1978/01 January : RCL#2311 : 24/10/2018

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Latest News

Apologies!!! I messed up the download link for today's RCM (December 1981). I fixed it just now and it should work as normal. Mary x

I'm going on holiday tomorrow, will return in a week. Steve will be checking my inbox, but if you write to us and don't hear back for a while, don't worry! Mary x

I recently had an interesting email exchange with Michael Jones, who's looking for information about, or scans of, the British aeromodelling magazine, 'Model Aviation'. According to Michael, "Ron Moulton had one of his designs published in it, so it must have been quite a respectable publication. The magazine seems to have been started just after the War in 1946, and the latest plan date is 1950 - so it was up and running for about 4 or 5 years. Publishers were Ian Allan Ltd, who also published the Model Aviation Planbook. Aeromodeller price at the time was 1/3, so magazine price would have been about the same. One control line plan was priced at 4/-. Magazine content was various - free flight, control line, jetex, rubber power, glider - but no radio control. Some of the plans are tracings or copies of US designs - Luscombe Silvaire, Cumulus, Hotshot. Some of the older modellers may have copies. If so, it would be nice to have some details." If anyone out there knows more, or has scans of any issues, please email me. Thanks in advance, Mary

Apologies for not adding any new titles for a few days. My sister's had a baby and I'm helping out :) Things should get back to normal by next week. Mary x

I'm back :) Mary x

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