We like to obsessively collect snippets of praise for the RCLibrary site from wherever we find them. Then we like to paste them here onto this page for everyone else to read, too.

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Wonderful resource and I cannot begin to comprehend how much time & effort goes into it.
BobV : 05/01/2024

Thanks again for your hard work on your website. It truly is a most magnificent resource for us all.
Kenny : 13/09/2022

I visit your website now and then and I think it is such a valuable resource that it really should be well supported. Many thanks for all of your truly magnificent efforts in keeping it going. Archives such as yours are truly priceless.
VinH : 25/11/2019

Thanks for posting such a wealth of useful information!
ErikHunter : 15/11/2019

Keep on! I love your archive!
ManuelF : 01/11/2019

I just came across your site. That is a fantastic collection of old RCM magazines. It brings back my childhood when my dad and I started in RC in 1972. Thank you for putting this collection together. Excellent work!
PatH : 06/08/2019

Thanks again for all you do for the hobby world.
TomSolinski : 12/07/2019

I thank you for your work, to build such an interesting collection of articles! Even the older ones are fine.
GuntherK : 29/01/2019

Many thanks for your efforts at RCLibrary and Outerzone, more power to your elbow !
AndrewD : 23/12/2018

I just wanted to say that I love your web site. Love the books and magazines. Thanks for what you're doing with all of the historical model aviation publications.
DougL : 22/12/2018

Thanks so much for all the hard work that you put into the RCLibrary database. It is much appreciated by many!
Gerrit : 26/11/2018

Thank you for making these magazines available again!
FrancM : 10/07/2018

Love your library. Keep up the good work.
RandyW : 15/05/2018

Thank you so much for running this site.
RobertR : 27/04/2018

I browse your site regularly and think it's fantastic! I'd just like to say what an excellent site it is and long may it continue!
IanH : 20/11/2017

Thanks again for putting in all the time and loving care into this site for the encouragement of the greatest of all hobbies. (It's in fact much more than a hobby!)
NicholasTucker : 23/10/2017

I think you're doing a great service on your site. You've allowed me to reconnect with magazines from my youth that are now smoldering in some landfill somewhere. I especially love the magazines from the '30s. They're quite an eye opener. Keep up the good work.
Randy : 26/09/2017

What a site, congratulations. Such beautiful covers. Thanks for RC library.
JulienVermeire : 24/04/2017

I wanted to say how I much I enjoy this site, it is truly a great resource and I like the simple and effective design.
HarryK : 20/02/2017

Super "library site" you & Mary continue to build and manage!! ... plans ... books ... magazines ... WOW!! ... (UNDERSTATEMENT!!)
DonT : 16/01/2017

RCLibrary is indeed a godsend, especially for the books. As an impecunious student, I could hardly afford all the books I read about in the magazines and would love to buy. Now, with all of them out of print, I finally have the chance to have a look, and download all those that might be helpful in the foreseeable future... Well, IF I live to be 120, that is (I'm 58 now... and not retired yet). I find RCLibrary useful even when I DO have the books! One such example is 'Flying Models of WWII', a wonderful 1974 plans book from the USA that, somehow, managed to cross The Pond to be sold here at a local Hobby store. The well-thumbed pages are yellow... NOW, thanks to you, I have a very good PDF (the first one was... *not so good*!) stored in my laptop I can peruse to my heart's contentment.
ArnaldoCorreia : 15/04/2016

Hi Mary and Steve, this is Wonderful simply Wonderful... Your new RC Library is Fantastic... No more words needed... Greetings from Luxembourg Regards
Pascal : 23/11/2015

Hi Steve, Thank you very much for getting up an running. This is another amazing resource to the aeromodelling community and I applaud you for your initiative and hard work.
GerritL : 05/11/2015

This is one of the more awesome sites for us RC "oltimers". My RC addiction goes back to the mid 70s. Thanks
Jeff : 16/10/2015

Just when I think Outerzone couldn't possibly get any better, it does! Great to see your latest expansion. I don't know how you manage to do it all, but I do know the modeling world will be forever grateful.
HarryD : 08/10/2015

A lot of interesting stuff here. I downloaded the 1936 Comet catalog and realized I grew up in the same neighborhood as the Comet factory. Pity I couldn't remember the building but did recognize the railroad tracks. Don't know when Comet vacated the building or when they tore it down as there's a Burger King there now. Fascinating to see where we've come from and a little sad that these companies are gone.
bullseye000 : 30/09/2015

Your new record of model airplane publications is a great idea. Back in the 60's I corresponded regularly with Frank Zaic who documented several decades of model development and left an unsurpassed collection of gems from a rapidly developing era of model airplane development. I consider your contributions to be on an equal level with Frank's contribution...
JohnOS : 25/09/2015

Steve, Wow, you're a genius. I don't know why this wasn't done a long time ago. I love it. I get a fair amount of email from people reading my website, asking where to get a book about building RC planes. I always tell them that such books are hard to find nowadays, but now I have a place to send the seekers.
balsaworkbench : 25/09/2015

You already do an awsome job with outerzone; this website is by far the best in this category. I can't wait to look at your next one! Hats off for your outstanding work and thank you to contribute to the preserve the history of our hobby!
Flyced : 22/09/2015