Oh those were the days! Building my balsa wood planes, covering them with tissue, and then doping it, whilst sniffing in the vapours.
John Howard : Aeromodeller Annual 1973-74 : RCL#1123 : 25/04/2023

Thank you Kenny, really helpful.
Mary : The Golden Book of Airplane Stamps : RCL#2671 : 13/09/2022

Hi Mary and Andy, the book in question is “The Golden Book of Airplane Stamps “ by Paul Jensen, published by Golden Press. My copy has what I suspect is a printing date of 1966 and an original copyright of 1954. This was and remains fifty years later a treasure of mine. Hope this helps.
KennyHorne, Canada : The Golden Book of Airplane Stamps : RCL#2671 : 12/09/2022

Wonderful black and while photos with descriptions and names of some personnel. Also coloured illustrations showing the various paint jobs for the different countries and Squadrons. Eg Russia and NZ and Australia. Eg “Senior Lt. Nicolai Kiznetov of the Northern Air Fleet, Soviet Naval Air Force with his Mk III in the background see colour illustration.” Eg “Line up of Mk Ia’s being refuelled at Patricia Bay. 20.11.42. Aircraft nearest camera AK 905
CarolDavies-Lee : Aircam Aviation Series No. 6: Curtiss Kittyhawk Mk. I-IV : RCL#1957 : 09/09/2022

Thank you for the Deezil prints.. perfect timing.. I had bought a NIB CS Deezil replica off "Fee Bay" a coupla weeks ago and the compression was poor and no way would it run.. A quicky rework today with the prints as a guide and I'm happy to report it's running like a top. I added an Enya .15 carby as it's going on a 150% Bugaboo for funzies.... pic's when she goes.. Thanks again !
Al : Motor Boys International Model Engine Plan Book : RCL#2122 : 09/09/2022

Hello.I just found and dowloaded this book, which brought memories from my youth. I purchased it in London (Foyles, I think) more than forty years ago, and it opened a new world for me. I bought a glider kit, a radio and I found a suitable slope to begin learning. I carried this book along, and I flew almost literally reading it! I suppose I still have it, but as I can't locate it I am glad to be able to read it again. Thank you very much for your website!

Juan Domenech - Barcelona, Spain
Juan Domenech : Radio Control Soaring : RCL#1023 : 27/12/2021

Hi Mary - I built the Whippersnapper from the featured plan. It flew so well that I built a second one a third bigger. That one flew so well that I am now going to build another one twice the size! This is an AMAZING model! It will fly loops, bunts, inverted and eights. Don't underestimate it! The twin boom layout means that it is easy to trim, as wrapped around solder can be slid up and down the boom. And it bounces away from crashes without damage too!! You don't need much more than an hour to build one. Absolutely brilliant!! Thanks for publishing.
ChrisP : JR American Modeler 1973/05 May-June : RCL#2639 : 22/07/2020

Ultimately I did it the simple way. Just built a top and bottom half over the plan. Easy to glue together and make with wire wing struts already stitched to centre formers. It only added the weight of 2 strips of 1/16 x 1/8th balsa which did not register on the scales. You must remember to reverse the nose former thrust offset for the bottom one. It is an excellent flyer and flew `Off the board` with no trimming necessary. Wing mounted towards rear of wing mounts. In hindsight I would make F3 which the U/C struts mount to of liteply or harder 1/8 sheet as my tube mount broke the flimsy 1/16th when wheel hit tuft of grass landing. Lot of leverage on those long spindly legs.
Andy Hopkins : Halfax Catalogue : RCL#1539 : 23/06/2020

Hi Mary and Steve. What a classic issue! Now that I am locked down for a few months I was looking for a workshop project and found the Sparey .8 diesel engine for home construction. Plans are very clear and so I told a few mates on RC Groups. If there are a few extra downloads then now you might know why.
DannyMZ : AeroModeller 1947/05 May : RCL#2680 : 02/04/2020

Hi Fred - it's good to hear you're enjoying RCLibrary. We don't have any paper listings. This website is our 'catalogue' and everything is available for free download :)
Mary : Best of the Golden Age of Flying Models : RCL#1042 : 26/03/2020

The general view by those who have been on the sidelines, so to speak, is that model aircraft are neat things and fun - but they are really toys…not so, I sincerely believe. Modeling is basically important in all of engineering. The narrow view of models - especially aircraft - is unfortunately encouraged by some of the results obtained by the recent use of radio control and related related advances. I hope this may slowly change… Before finally all fields of modeling are at last recognized for what they really are, your work is a valuable contribution for which I congratulate you. Do you have a catalogue of all your offerings in aircraft modeling?
Fred Culick : Best of the Golden Age of Flying Models : RCL#1042 : 26/03/2020

Thanks for this charming upload. I can easily see what made you keep this book over the years. Sorry for not being able to help you any further...
Hu Wo : The Golden Book of Airplane Stamps : RCL#2671 : 21/03/2020

This is the last issue of RCM we have. Feels like the end of an era! Happy to add more if any of you have the scans.
Mary : RCM 2005/06 June : RCL#2675 : 05/03/2020

When I was little, Mom and Dad would get my siblings and me things to keep us busy on the drives of our vacation trips. One year they got me an airplane lick-and-stick book. I still have most of it. Saturday I had some time to waste, so I scanned the book to PDF. One of my friends put the 1-pagers into a single 14 meg PDF file for me. This is incomplete, poor condition, etc. but you're welcome to add it to the book library. I don't know how to classify it other than perhaps "children" or "coloring book" or "line art" or something like that.

What I'd like to do is find a better copy. This book is at about 45 years old. I bring it here hoping that somebody else might remember it, and the off-chance that I might be able to find a copy, or who printed or authored it. Any information at all would help. See also: Thanks for any help!
Andy Kunz : The Golden Book of Airplane Stamps : RCL#2671 : 22/02/2020

Many thanks to TonyOliver for submitting this magazine. Now my collection of ancient Aeromodeller Magazines is almost 100% complete.
DannyMZ : AeroModeller 1952/05 May : RCL#2666 : 09/02/2020

Many thanks to Tony Oliver for sharing this Aeromodeller issue with RC:ibary. It's been on the Wanted list for ages.
Mary : AeroModeller 1952/05 May : RCL#2666 : 08/02/2020

Hi there. The way to build the fuselage is to make templates of the formers (to the inside shape of the former), these are mounted onto a rod which goes through the centre of each one and spaced according the side view of the fuselage. You then add the main stringers keeping everything aligned. Add more stringers, wait till dry. Remove rod and formers, there you have it. Have a look for the Copland Wakefield plan for a diagram of what I mean. Hope this helps.
MikeHollamby : Halfax Catalogue : RCL#1539 : 08/02/2020

I had the luck to see the Red Arrows in the late 1980-ies when a fairly small airfield close to the place where I live had some kind of jubilee. It was an absolutely thrilling sight to see those sleek trainers perform their immaculate routine and touch down in pairs, in utter precision. It still gives me the goosebumps to remember it.
Clouddozer : Evolution of the Red Arrows : RCL#2648 : 07/02/2020

Hi Daithi, I stumbled upon this with a bit more on the Slingsbys, and the other link is something that left me breathless due to the quality and sheer beauty of the artwork. I may sound exaggerated but no, I mean it literally! Here they go:, Cheers!
MiguelMorao : Slingsby Sailplanes : RCL#2603 : 07/02/2020

Haha! That's a fair point, Daithi. No idea why there's such a big gap, I'm afraid. This is just what came in to us at the time - which is so long ago now, we no longer even have the contact details of the original contributor. If anyone out there has the RCM Missing Years and is willing to scan them, we will of course be VERY happy to host them on RCLibrary :)
Mary : RCM 2005/01 January : RCL#2659 : 31/01/2020

I keep a copy of all the magazines you put out Mary, and I'm grateful (my own collection of hard copy disappeared years ago during the slight altercation here) and a missing month or two is quite understandable, but how come RCM is missing 21 *YEARS*? LOL
Daithi : RCM 2005/01 January : RCL#2659 : 31/01/2020

Apologies everyone for the broken download link. I think I've fixed it now & the download seems to work OK. Please get in touch if you still have problems. Thanks to Gerrit & Arnaldo for letting us know :-) Kind regards, Mary
Mary : RCM 2005/01 January : RCL#2659 : 20/01/2020

You're right, Dan. I'm afraid we just share the scans that are sent to us. We don't have the original books or magazines. We added this title to RCLibrary very early on, in 2015. I'm not actually sure who gave it to us in the first place! If anyone out there has a scan of the missing pages, we'll gladly add them :-)
Mary : Model Flying Boats : RCL#1002 : 18/01/2020

Good Morning! Seems pages 26 and 27 are missing from the downloadable file. Or maybe it’s 24 and 25, the two-page illustration is not page numbered. Anyway the text on page 28 starts in a way that makes it obvious something is missing.
DanAkerman : Model Flying Boats : RCL#1002 : 18/01/2020

Great to read Mike's comments. I recently saw an advert for this model "Flying Minutes" in a 1946 Daily Express sponsored Model Aircraft Exhibition souvenir programme. I googled it and eventually via Roger Newman he sent me a down load of the plan. I have decided to build it and have potential to get some coverage of the build in a national publication. However the fuselage build is not obvious due to the way the formers are laminated. Lacking a set of instructions that would have come with the kit, I can either build the top and bottom sections over the plan then join them by fixing the vertical part of the former, which will be fiddly, and stringing the sides, or build two halves. If I go that route I have printed the plan as a mirror image as well. However that is not in keeping with the former layout. Has anyone a copy of the original instructions, or any helpful methods they would use ? Thanks.
Andy Hopkins : Halfax Catalogue : RCL#1539 : 04/01/2020

What a nice "little" volume loaded to the rudder tip with excellent information and beautiful graphics. Thank you very much!
MiguelMorao : Evolution of the Red Arrows : RCL#2648 : 29/12/2019

I dunno, Daithi. I walk by them all the time in the drugstore now. Maybe not back then, perhaps.
Lincoln : RCM 1984/04 April : RCL#2614 : 28/12/2019

My copy of this book was lost in a heavy flood under my house a couple of years ago. I was able to navigate your website and downloaded the whole book! This has ended a long time of fruitless searching for simple models that have been tried and proven. Thanks again for your website.
ChrisGreen : Working Models : RCL#1195 : 21/12/2019

Thanks for the useful feedback, Daithi. It's a fair point! We need to make RCL responsive so it will resize and work properly on people's mobile phones & tablets. To that end, we're using a new template, hence the new layout. But I've asked Steve to tweak the columns so they will still show Latest Magazines/ Books/ Other etc. Hopefully that will improve things. It may take a while, so please bear with us :)
Mary : RCM 1984/07 July : RCL#2633 : 25/11/2019

Re: new layout - Sorry Mary but I just don't like it - the old system where books, magazines and pamphlets in separate columns was far easier to navigate.
Daithi : RCM 1984/07 July : RCL#2633 : 25/11/2019

When I opened the RCLibrary page today I was taken aback for seeing what appeared to be the line-up for a 1980s Miss America contest. It made me feel 40 or 50 years younger when I used to chase models but not of the two (long-) legged kind :-))
Miguel : RCM 1984/06 June : RCL#2628 : 20/11/2019

Model Builder 1978 03 was in fact March+April so there is no missing April issue. It appears that the magazine had a lag between cover and actual publication dates and this was meant to conciliate that.
MiguelMorao : Model Builder 1978/05 May : RCL#2618 : 15/11/2019

I wonder if David Rye was being a bit tongue in cheek when he told a US publisher that his glider was called 'Durex'. I think somehow that the US readers wouldn't connect that to a well known brand. They did sort of compound their lack of awareness by referring to it as 'big'. This is the April edition and I've a feeling that may have a bearing LOL
Daithi : RCM 1984/04 April : RCL#2614 : 15/11/2019

Finally! The missing July 1983 issue of RCM. Many thanks to spitfireflyby :)
Mary : RCM 1983/07 July : RCL#2617 : 05/11/2019

Another magnificent cover by Mr Rupert Moore! In June this year I made a comment on the AeroMod covers by him. Now, he wasn't just a hired designer, he was a well-practiced modeller with a significant list of articles published in AM itself and presumably elsewhere. A name search in OZ will find four designs of his, which to me is not enough to do justice to his work.
MiguelMorao : AeroModeller 1944/03 March : RCL#2609 : 23/10/2019

Fine story, Daithi. Considering my abilities, in my case I would be grateful to that T/O for providing the perfect excuse :-)
MiguelMorao : Slingsby Sailplanes : RCL#2603 : 20/10/2019

I had the Keil Kraft one back then which used the full title of 'Kirby Prefect' (that was the 'official' name but, like most, in real life it was shortened). I never got to fly in one (I did train on the T 21 2 seater, aka 'The Barge', with the RAFGSA at RAF Marham, but got a medical discharge before I soloed). Mark you, the Tech Squadron W/O never approved - I did apply one time for an 'air experience flight' and got told "The Air Force has spent thousands training you to maintain radar - and it's too risky letting you go up in an aircraft".
Daithi : Slingsby Sailplanes : RCL#2603 : 18/10/2019

Thank you Daithi, I had missed this book early on. I have Simon's Aerodynamics of the Aircraft Model in my shelves and after all these years it still is a reference. I mean, in paper and two different editions :-) This one will be a valued addition to my e-library! My first flying (of sorts) model was a Veron Slingsby Prefect so I have a cdrect interest in this book.
MiguelMorao : Slingsby Sailplanes : RCL#2603 : 17/10/2019

This is the first issue of RCM without Don Dewey as Editor. Patricia Crews, who had been Executive Editor for many years, took over at the helm for the November 1983 edition.
Mary : RCM 1983/11 November : RCL#2589 : 12/10/2019

Well, here is the first Issue of Junior American Modeler. I think that the publishers of American Modeler sent this issue to just about everybody in the AMA as a promotional selling tool. It was published bi-monthly for less than 3 years. I believe there are a total of 16 issues. I subscribed to this and at some point loaned them all to my cousin who at the time seemed interested in model building. They had a fire in their home and apparently most of the stuff in the house was too smoke damaged to salvage, including my magazines. Many many years later I bought the whole set on e-bay. They come up pretty infrequently so I was happy to get all of them in just a few lots.
HappyRCDude : JR American Modeler 1971/11 November-December : RCL#2600 : 12/10/2019

Hi Mary, here's a continuation response for the above. It would be marvelous if you could publish these photos of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry [see photos above].
Miguel : Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion 1953/03 March : RCL#2543 : 24/09/2019

We're missing the July 1983 issue of RCM, hence this jump to August. If anyone can scan & share a copy of July, we'll be super grateful :)
Mary : RCM 1983/08 August : RCL#2577 : 30/08/2019

This scan is missing the front cover. If anyone has it and can send me a copy, it would be nice to add it.
Mary : National Glider & Airplane News 1931/07 July : RCL#2572 : 22/08/2019

Apologies everyone - I accidentally copied the September table of contents. You can read the Fairey Fantome article here: AeroModeller September 1943. I'll add the correct contents list for October asap!
Mary : AeroModeller 1943/10 October : RCL#2567 : 15/08/2019

Ahhh...eagerly downloaded the mag to check out the Fairey Fantome article, alas, the content of the mag does not reflect the Content on the web page. Looking forward to the Fantome article!
Marty : AeroModeller 1943/10 October : RCL#2567 : 15/08/2019

Dear Miguel, I think that the name "Charognard" comes from the nickname of the insignia placed on the "calot" (kind of long cap) of the members of the French air force. The real name of this insignia is sparrowhawk.
Francois : Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion 1953/03 March : RCL#2543 : 14/08/2019

I still have my copy of this booklet bought in about 1967 and I shudder to think how much time I spent trying to get a galloping ghost system working from it (I would have been 14 or 15 at the time). I got the Ives control box working but not much else. I guess it was character-building. Still, it's good that this is preserved so people can have an appreciation of just how easy 'proportional' RC has become.
ColinMill : Galloping Ghost : RCL#1053 : 13/08/2019

Many thanks Paul :) The complete article is available for download now.
Mary : RCM 1977/11 November : RCL#2223 : 12/07/2019

The J-Bird review does not continue on pages 53 and 54. Those two pages were ads which were eliminated. Article parts are on pages 146 and 148. The article is attached to this message.
Paul : RCM 1977/11 November : RCL#2223 : 12/07/2019

Re: the Charognard Glider - the name translated would be Scavenger, Necrophager, Carrion Bird, take your pick. It's not a specific bird but an entire 'family' of carcass eating birds as distinct from live prey hunters. The model looks pretty enough, though.
Miguel : Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion 1953/03 March : RCL#2543 : 09/07/2019

Added list of contents, thanks to Miguel AKA The Mad Scholar :)
Mary : Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion 1953/03 March : RCL#2543 : 09/07/2019

I wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone has RC Modeler Magazine, Nov 1977 issue. I'm looking for page 52-54 - Review of J-Bird (RCM Product Test). I found online at RCL a pdf copy of the magazine but it is actually missing the pages I need. I see the article is listed in the magazine's table of contents. Is it possible if someone has a copy of RC Modeler Nov 1977 they could either scan or just take a picture with their phone of pages 52, 53 & 54? I actually built the J-Bird awhile ago and wanted to read what RC Modeler had written about the plane. Thank you in advance.
Phil : RCM 1977/11 November : RCL#2223 : 30/06/2019

Thanks to everyone who pointed out that the file for this entry wouldn't download. I've replaced it just now with a working one! Apologies to you all :)
Mary : Model Maker 1959/11 November : RCL#2538 : 29/06/2019

I recall She Who Must Be Obeyed freaking because I had tuned into Discovery Channel to watch 'Super Models'. Luckily enough it did switch to a view of a 6 foot span of a RC Globemaster (complete with a r/c jeep that rolled out after landing) before I started wearing the frying pan on my head. LOL
Daithi : RCM 1982/11 November : RCL#2526 : 28/06/2019

Mr Rupert Moore, the artist who designed the covers for Aeromodeller from 1940 through to the end of 1950, certainly knew his craft. Visually appealing, perfect flowing execution and mastery even within a 3-colour range, he also certainly knew his aeroplanology to get every detail right. Later there was some graphic work of this kind in the 50s - 60s but these were a sorry shadow of the former period. At the time Aeromodeller was of course "The Model Aeronautical Journal Of The British Empire" but coincidentally with the change of cover style the motto in January 1951 also changed to the pedestrian, nay, plebeian "Covers The World of Aeromodelling". What a double let down, thankfully I wasn't there at the time to see it! At the time Mr Atlee was the PM, but his successor Mr Churchill was unwilling or unable to reverse the Aeromodeller tide.
Miguel : AeroModeller 1943/08 August : RCL#2536 : 27/06/2019

Daithi, I remember reading a quite funny thread in I think RCG on this subject and there were as many opinions as hmm... proverbials, the entire spectrum of for, against, neither, both, none of above. Many of the models - the skin, flesh and bones variety, not the balsa and/or foam - were local belles or some Miss Godzilla Festival 1986, but quite a few were respectable family members, wives, girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters, though I don't recall seeing a modeller's mother much less a granny but you never know. Somewhere in one of the Model Builders posted in this most excellent Library there is a Letter to the Editor from an annoyed wife cancelling a subscription because of this same subject, and the editor response was quite a propos. I'll try to find it. In any case I can assure you we are all much better off with photos of girls in bikinis, think what it would be if the photos were ME in bikini, or, maybe worse, YOU :-)) "Exit, pursued by a bear."
Miguel : RCM 1982/11 November : RCL#2526 : 25/06/2019

Hi Mary, It's not the bonkers factor, it's the fact that contrary to tradition the ladies are (more than) fully clothed here.
Miguel : RCM 1982/11 November : RCL#2526 : 21/06/2019

I think you're right Daithi. Just received the comment below from Miguel!
Mary : RCM 1982/11 November : RCL#2526 : 21/06/2019

Miguel, you just want photos of girls in bikinis LOL
Daithi : RCM 1982/11 November : RCL#2526 : 21/06/2019

Hi Amir - good question :) The missing pages are because that's the way the RCM scans came to us. Whoever owned the paper magazines & scanned them either decided to miss those pages out (because they were mainly advertisements) or the pages were already missing from the paper original eg because someone had cut out the plan pages to use. We were sent the scans years ago, long before we set up RCLibrary, and can no longer contact the scanner to ask them about the missing pages. I used to add an explanatory note about the missing pages to each RCM issue, but stopped doing it at some point. I will start again, as I think it would be useful. Hope that helps :)
Mary : RCM 1982/11 November : RCL#2526 : 18/06/2019

Hello. Just wanted to know why are u only providing half a magazine in pdf form which has been the case for a number of issues.
Amir : RCM 1982/11 November : RCL#2526 : 18/06/2019

I concur, Miguel. It's completely bonkers!
Mary : RCM 1982/11 November : RCL#2526 : 18/06/2019

There's something odd with the cover of this RCM issue but I can't quite put my finger on it.
MiguelMorao : RCM 1982/11 November : RCL#2526 : 18/06/2019

Thank you for great 1970s/80s RC magazine resources. Two Questions 1) Do you know of any magazine articles that featured builds of any of the Jetco kits/plans (a: either generally Jetco gliders or b: specifically Jetco THERMIC "C" PLAN) 2) What were the best glider magazines printed during the 1970s and 1980s?
PhilL : RC Soaring Digest 1986/08 August : RCL#2520 : 11/06/2019

I've added the missing page to the download file just now :) Thanks Gaetan!
Mary : RCM 1982/10 October : RCL#2519 : 11/06/2019

Hi Mary. The page 195 is missing in this publication. Fortunately, I have this one in PDF format.
GaetanPage : RCM 1982/10 October : RCL#2519 : 11/06/2019

Interesting fact on page 10. It would seem that the venerable Douglas C47 was only called 'Dakota' by the RAF while the Yanks called it 'Skytrain'.
Daithi : Air Trails 1943/04 April : RCL#2510 : 03/06/2019

Oh. My old friends Bill Hannan's Models and Musings? This is only one of his excellent books on Peanut scale models, research and much more! Extraordinary man, extraordinary book (as always!)
Tiberiu : Models and Musings : RCL#2481 : 03/05/2019

Many thanks to Miguel Morao for translating the contents list for us. "A Non-Gentleman but a Scholar nevertheless" ;-)
Mary : Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion 1953/02 February : RCL#2454 : 03/04/2019

Just had to send in a comment after running into this. I made the Magpie, Gnome and Marauder in Delhi, India, in 65-68. The kits were made under license by India's Hobby Center in Connaught Place, Delhi. Some of the happiest days of my life. Thanks for rekindling those memories.
JitandroZ : Mercury Model Aircraft Brochure : RCL#2042 : 02/04/2019

No scale items in this issue, but several CdH plans - fabulous!
ChrisH : Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion 1953/02 February : RCL#2454 : 01/04/2019

I'm sorry to say I'm very disappointed. I downloaded the magazine above and no matter how hard I shook my PDF file, no slide rule came out of it. Can I please have my money back? ;)
Miguel : Radio Control Models & Electronics 1960/05 May : RCL#2448 : 27/03/2019

Ah. Thanks Daithi. I just copied what was printed on page 3. Clearly a misprint. As I've said before, I don't know much about planes! I've changed that bit of text now :)
Mary : Scale R/C Modeler 1986/08 August/ September : RCL#2452 : 27/03/2019

"The cover plane is a Vought A-7 Corsair built from a Jet Hangar Hobby kit." Funny - to me it looks a lot like Frank Taylor's converted P51 Mustang. LOL
Daithi : Scale R/C Modeler 1986/08 August/ September : RCL#2452 : 27/03/2019

I have been looking at your Ray Gaedke artwork for the Lindberg model car company in the 1965 catalogue. Here are some of the original artwork used on the box tops [see pics 003-007 above].
PatC : Lindberg Hobby Model Kits : RCL#2015 : 20/03/2019

Thanks to everyone who pointed out this issue was missing a page. My lovely husband, Steve, has fixed it & the complete version is now available to download.
Mary : AeroModeller 1943/05 May : RCL#2442 : 15/03/2019

Here's the exact reason I never showed up in an RCM cover! Those LEGS, madam, look at those LEGS !!! To our chagrin we never see any of those in our flying fields.
Miguel : RCM 1979/09 September : RCL#2433 : 14/03/2019

According to the contents page, this issue of Model Maker is missing several pages at the beginning of the issue. The contents lists articles beginning on page 392. However, the file begins with page 402.
David : Model Maker 1956/08 August : RCL#2419 : 13/03/2019

Added list of Contents, thanks to psh.
Mary : Scale R/C Modeler 1982/12 December : RCL#2431 : 04/03/2019

Hi RD - If you download the magazine, you'll find it on page 53.
Mary : RCM 1976/08 August : RCL#2127 : 16/02/2019

Added list of Contents, thanks to Paul.
Mary : Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion 1952/12 December : RCL#2417 : 16/02/2019

Must agree. Many great articles. I built 'Le Hun' after drawing up the plan to full size and it is very competitive. I have a few old MRAs from 1952 - 1953. I shall scan and post here as I get the time. It does take a few hours from building models so please be patient. MRA #1 had the minutes of the first meeting of the CIAM in 1937, these were lost during WWII so I presented this magazine to the president of the CIAM to update the records when I attended CIAM in Paris 1987.
DannyM : Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion 1969/06 June : RCL#2405 : 16/02/2019

Added list of Contents, thanks to Paul.
Mary : Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion 1969/06 June : RCL#2405 : 11/02/2019

Thanks for posting the MRA magazine! They seem to be hard to find but have some really good content - hopefully you have many more MRA back numbers. I would be particularly interested in the very early issues; I found Numbers 423 and 427, when seeking info on the Peyret Taupin, and they refer to No. 70 of April 1944 which apparently had more Peyret information. Many thanks for your great website.
Chris : Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion 1969/06 June : RCL#2405 : 31/01/2019

Do you have hardwoody article from the August 1976 issue of RCM?
RDM : RCM 1976/08 August : RCL#2127 : 31/01/2019

Thanks for spotting my mistake Ted :) It is the right file, just incorrectly named! I've changed it just now.
Mary : Air Trails 1942/05 May : RCL#2400 : 27/01/2019

Hi, you have the wrong month for part B, should be 05. Could not exist without my daily "Outerzone".
TedAvey : Air Trails 1942/05 May : RCL#2400 : 27/01/2019

Sorry Ted, some of these issues were scanned ages ago and stripped of most of the ads and non-boating articles. It's just the way it was done at the time. If anyone has a complete copy and can scan and share the missing pages, we'll happily add them?
Mary : Model Maker 1956/06 June : RCL#2393 : 19/01/2019

Love your web sites, there seems to be a couple (at least) of pages missing at the end, no 323 or 324 or ?
TedAvey : Model Maker 1956/06 June : RCL#2393 : 19/01/2019

Pozdrowienia od " blizniaka"/ Greetings from your "twin".
ZP : Radio Control Soaring : RCL#1023 : 26/12/2018

I've just read about Power Scale Soaring in the special Winter 2018 issue of RCME. It confirms my emphasis on decreasing drag more so than decreasing weight because those models of full-size power planes have to have the smoothest possible surfaces, which are described in great detail, in order to soar because they simply don't have high aspect ratio wings, except for the models of airliners. Also, the article describes their greatly varying weights for the exact same designs of Hurricanes, which means that the decrease of weight doesn't mean as much as the decrease of drag. Then again, I suppose that almost anything could soar if launched from the Great Orme :)
GreggD : Radio Control Soaring : RCL#1023 : 22/12/2018

Hello - I am an aeromodeller in Australia and if time permits I hope to build a model that is featured in Airtrails Sept 1941. Discovering your site and finding this issue in your free library is a wonderful resource. Thank you very much.
JohnQuigley : Air Trails 1941/09 September : RCL#2313 : 19/12/2018

Really pleased to see this magazine appearing on the RC Library. I remember subscribing to Flying Models in the early 1960s when it only published every two months, it took a fair chunk of my paper-round money, but was well worth it. Sadly my collection has long been lost, so here's hoping the present guardians of collections of this excellent magazine can delight us with more issues.
Stormin : Flying Models 1977/07 July : RCL#2360 : 06/12/2018

Just added a replacement version of this title, thanks to psh. For those with stiff necks ;)
Mary : Air Trails Annual 1954 : RCL#2346 : 24/11/2018

Haha! I know what you mean about the twisting & turning, Miguel :) But as you say, we're just really REALLY grateful to the people who do the hard work of scanning all these old magazines & books for us.
Mary : Air Trails Annual 1954 : RCL#2346 : 21/11/2018

I know scanning books or mags is one heck of a bore, so it's perfectly acceptable if one searches for inspiration in the spirits shelf. This Air Trails 1954 Annual must be proof of that - the person doing this scan surely must have looked for relief as shown by all those pages upside down or rotated left and right. This isn't complaining, I have the utmost gratitude to all those kind people offering their time and patience to bring these delightful scans to us with little or no thanks. Under that light a technical quibble is not here nor there, and whoever complains will they please step up and do a better job! In any case I had a good laugh gyrating like a dervish trying to follow the pages.
Miguel : Air Trails Annual 1954 : RCL#2346 : 21/11/2018

Steve & bjrn, thanks a lot for this book because as far as I remember it was the first one I read when getting into the hobby again in the late 1970s. Even though it's about 40 years old it still has a lot of very valuable information. If you can design, build and fly a sailplane, rather than a power plane, then you might understand aerodynamics even better because there's no thrust to directly oppose the drag and to indirectly oppose the weight. Therefore, the main aim should be to decrease the drag as much as possible. One way to do that is to increase the L/D ratio as much as possible by using a higher aspect ratio wing and/or a thinner aerofoil. Another way is to decrease the surface drag as much as possible by smoothing it even more. However, if someone in the Outer Zone thinks that the decrease of weight is more important, as seems to be commonly believed, then please let me know why. Of course, the L/W ratio is what makes sailplanes and power planes aircraft, rather than surface craft, but remember that I’m referring to the main difference between those two types of aircraft. Since this just might begin a discussion, I also wonder why I’ve never read about modellers using wave lift, rather than just thermal lift and slope lift. I'm talking about true wave lift, which God's creatures, the seabirds, use, not the mountain wave lift which full-size sailplanes use. Of course, using slope lift at the seaside is close to that, but it's still not the same as flying over the actual waves of water, which is the only constant source of lift. If a sailplane has an electric power system then that can be used when absolutely necessary in place of the birds' flapping wings to avoid getting wet. No, I haven't done it yet because I'm just getting back into the hobby again, but I will one day, God-willing. So, looking forward to maybe hearing from someone eventually about these thoughts,
GreggD : Radio Control Soaring : RCL#1023 : 20/11/2018

:D :D :D
Mary : Scale R/C Modeler 1983/12 December : RCL#2322 : 26/10/2018

I love the advert on page 79 for solid scale model ducks - I don't think they'd fly though.
Daithi : Scale R/C Modeler 1983/12 December : RCL#2322 : 26/10/2018

Many thanks to psh, who has found, scanned & shared the missing pages 57-64 [supplementary file above].
Mary : RCM 1978/01 January : RCL#2311 : 24/10/2018

Sorry Min, we only have the magazine pages that are sent to us.
Mary : RCM 1978/01 January : RCL#2311 : 21/10/2018

Great to see a full scan of RCM including the ads! Lots of info on kits and radios from the 70s that brought back wonderful memories. However, pages 57-64 were missing and hoping they can be added.
Min : RCM 1978/01 January : RCL#2311 : 16/10/2018

Thanks to everyone who pointed out the download for this title wasn't working. I've fixed it just now. Sorry for the delay - I've been at work, only just got home.
Mary : RCM 1981/12 December : RCL#2305 : 08/10/2018

I've uploaded the missing page 164 - many thanks to psh :) It's a separate file for now. I'll incorporate it into the main title file when I have time.
Mary : RCM 1981/04 April : RCL#2257 : 04/09/2018

A disappointed reader has spotted that page 164 is missing from this issue of RCM. Does anyone have a copy of the page they can scan and share with us?
Mary : RCM 1981/04 April : RCL#2257 : 02/09/2018

Thanks to everyone who got in touch about the apparent discrepancy in the RCM series: we jumped from December 1977 to January 1981 this week. I'm afraid we don't have any of the 1978-1980 issues. If anyone out there does, and feels like scanning and sharing them with us, that would be awesome :)
Mary : RCM 1981/01 January : RCL#2237 : 26/07/2018

I'd like to say that "everything we do is carefully planned" and claim credit for this - but it wouldn't be true :)
Mary : Popular Mechanics 1905/04 April : RCL#2221 : 21/07/2018

I recently watched a fascinating TV programme on PBS (UK) about the restoration of a Wisconsin Fish Commission Railway Car: To my amazement, the following day you published Popular Mechanics 1905/04 (Pages 427-430) which featured an original article about these railway cars. Coincidence or planned ??!!
ChrisPinn : Popular Mechanics 1905/04 April : RCL#2221 : 21/07/2018

Sorry, I didn't spot that! I'll ask the contributor if they can rescan.
Mary : Modelar 1991/05 May : RCL#2227 : 13/07/2018

Few pages missing...15 - 18! More detail on that Wilga, please!
Marty : Modelar 1991/05 May : RCL#2227 : 13/07/2018

Hi everyone, apologies for the problems with the November 1977 issue of RCM: 7 of the pages are entirely blank. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about this, as I don't have the original magazine to re-scan, just the scan as it was submitted to us. If anyone out there has the missing pages and can scan and share, we'll be very grateful :)
Mary : RCM 1977/11 November : RCL#2223 : 10/07/2018

This is fascinating, Chris. I've never heard of a slug as a unit of anything before. Except whisky maybe! ;)
Mary : RCM 1977/07 July : RCL#2196 : 12/06/2018

RCM 1977 July Part B Pages 82 - 84: The article on 'Dimensional Methods in Aircraft Modeling' attracted my attention. When I did my Aeronautical Engineering degree in 1965-68, we used a unit called 'slugs' in the calculation of air density. It was a convenient way of getting rid of the gravitational constant. None of my non aeronautical engineering colleagues ever believed there was a unit of mass called a slug. And surprise, surprise, dear old Bill Carter does his calculations in this article using slugs. Oh the sweet nostalgia !! I make the proposal for one of the 'win a million' shows, that the 1 million question is something like 'what are slugs, blobs, slinches and glugs' ? Go google (or ask the audience or your telephone partner) !!!
ChrisPinn : RCM 1977/07 July : RCL#2196 : 12/06/2018

Hi there! A comment was written in this Profile Pub stating that the page with the usual 5-view was absent. Please find my copy attached containing the missing page [added to site just now]. I am aware that Hippocketaero have a collection hosted but I think this came from a different source, can't remember who. Cheers!
MiguelMorao : Profile Publications No. 086: Siemens Schuckert D III & IV : RCL#2181 : 07/06/2018

Thanks for spotting this, Arnaldo. The scan was submitted to us like this, but I will see if I can find the missing pages elsewhere on the internet and add them to our file.
Mary : Profile Publications No. 086: Siemens Schuckert D III & IV : RCL#2181 : 28/05/2018

Hi Mary and Steve, I am sorry but the usual 5V page at the beginning of the Profile is missing from Profile 86.
Arnaldo : Profile Publications No. 086: Siemens Schuckert D III & IV : RCL#2181 : 28/05/2018

I recently found this reprint of a 1929 pamphlet on How to Build and Fly a Glider by Arch Whitehouse. He covers building the Whitehouse Wasp, which appears to be a copy of the 1926 Lippisch Zoegling or Hols der Teufel primary glider or 1928 Northrop primary glider. With your recent publishing of the 1930s Model Airplane News with articles about learning to fly on this type of glider, I thought this might be a good reference addition to the library. Lately, I'm on a 1920s & '30s primary glider kick for some unknown reason and have been looking up all the relevant period documentation that was published. I've found several, but not all of the Flugzeugbau und Luftfahrt pamphlets (Hefts 11,12,13,14,17&18) from Germany and can't find How to Build and Fly Gliders by Hugo Gernsback from 1929. If any other readers have these on their book shelves, it would be good to get them converted to pdf and archived somewhere for all to use before there's a house cleaning or garage sale and these important booklets from way back then disappear. They're 80 or 90 years old and mostly paperback books. They're importance has a tendency to be overlooked, just like old magazines.
Randy : How to Build and Fly a Glider : RCL#2169 : 15/05/2018

This book is a GEM for a newbie engine builder like me. Thank you RCLibrary!
Bill : Model Aero Engine Encyclopedia : RCL#1996 : 12/05/2018

Hi Mary, about the accident with the Chipmunk, the picture could be entitled "the dying swan". She was Ms Socorro Swan, a Latin actress famous in the series "Incredible Hulk", "Colombo" and the "Romper Room", a child's entertainment tv program [see]
Pit_Italy : RCM 1976/08 August : RCL#2127 : 12/04/2018

I was delighted to see within the site a rare book packed with so many informations and working drawings for model engines. All people who contributed each a model engine were personalities well established in the field and I was honoured to see their work also in such prestigious magazines as Model Engineer, Stricly IC, Model Engine World or similar. For those who are no longer among us, we miss You a lot.
Tiberiu : Motor Boys International : RCL#2139 : 12/04/2018

The poor woman on the cover looks like she's had nasty accident with that Chipmunk!
Mary : RCM 1976/08 August : RCL#2127 : 09/04/2018

Thank you Ken for making this available once more. It will be a lasting credit to you and the other Motor Boys.
Steve_Australia : Motor Boys International Model Engine Plan Book : RCL#2122 : 24/03/2018

Thanks for getting in touch Chris :) If anyone out there has a copy of the Dorland they could scan & share - please do! I'll also put a request on the Outerzone 'Wanted' page.
Mary : AeroModeller 1951/08 August : RCL#2121 : 20/03/2018

I just loved reading the August 1951 issue of Aeromodeller as it was one I had never seen before. I was very taken by the article 'Convert the Dorland to Diesel Power'. I tried to track down a plan of the Dorland in my files, but wasn't able to. It must have been published in 1946 as there is a b&w photo of it flying in the October 1946 Aeromodeller and the cover of the November 1946 issue has a colour painting of this attractive model. I can imagine that modellers of vintage models, such as myself, would be motivated to build this diesel conversion if the plan of the Dorland was available. Please keep a lookout for it!!
ChrisPinn : AeroModeller 1951/08 August : RCL#2121 : 20/03/2018

Hi David, thank you for getting in touch & highlighting this problem. I'm afraid this kind of thing happens sometimes. We add the magazines & books just as they come in to us, so the page was probably missing when this issue was scanned by the contributor. Is anyone out there able to scan the missing page and share it with us? We'll be very grateful :)
Mary : RCM 1976/07 July : RCL#2120 : 19/03/2018

There seems to be some pages missing from the second download section. I can’t find p.102 to continue reading the Sunbird feature continued from page 83.
DavidFoster : RCM 1976/07 July : RCL#2120 : 19/03/2018

Hello RCL, whilst searching for Plans for one of 3 Halfax Vintage Aircraft which I am restoring, I came across your Site. There is a Photo of Mr Len Stott on the front cover of the "Catalogue" and pages advertising various Halfax Model Plans and Kits. Marvellous!!! I HAVE THREE OF THE MODELS SHOWN, which were built by my late Grandfather Mr. Cyril Tooby, during his close association with Mr. Len Stott, and the Halfax Model Aero Co. I have Spartan, Flying Minutes and Ventura. They have suffered a little from being stored in the loft for many years, but now that I am retired, I have embarked on restoring them. I even kept some of the original Balsa strips he used as stock. My Grandfather used to build Models for Halfax, and also hand carved propellers for rubber powered models on behalf of the Company. Other associate enthusiasts of my Grandfather's were a Mr. Frank Swire, who owned a Chemists shop in Halifax, and Messrs. Nichol and Brown, who owned a large Toy and Model shop in Halifax. It was in the basement of the Toy Shop where most of the Model building materials were sold, to which I made frequent visits. I have sourced full size plans for Spartan, and Flying Minutes, but had no clue as to the origin of the Glider, until I saw the pages of the catalogue. And there was "Ventura", a full dihedral wing Model with wing which "slot onto" the upper part of the fuselage. What a revelation! Now I just need to see if I can find the plans for Ventura, so that I can fully restore it. Many thanks for your Article, and I hope you find my short story interesting.
MikeBateman : Halfax Catalogue : RCL#1539 : 12/03/2018

I like this! Clearly the work of Gene aka rchopper56. There's a lot of work gone in to all these scans. Nice to see, as Roy Clough is very popular for his quirky designs.
SteveWMD : World of Roy Clough : RCL#2107 : 06/03/2018

Sorry to hear of your problems reading the Air Trails Annual 1943, Carlo. We add the magazines & books just as they are sent to us by our wonderful contributors. We don't have a copy of the original book, so I'm afraid we can't add another scan.
Mary : Air Trails Annual 1943 : RCL#1980 : 14/02/2018

Air Trails Annual (Issue 1943) that you posted in RC Library is very interesting, but unfortunately many pages are not clearly readable, the same for some drawings. Is it possible to place in the site an enhanced scan of the whole magazine?
CarloSoliani_Italy : Air Trails Annual 1943 : RCL#1980 : 14/02/2018

Many thanks David, that's most helpful. Apologies for my mistake, everyone. I have added David's re-ordered version of RCM to the site just now.
Mary : RCM 1975/12 December : RCL#2074 : 24/01/2018

The pages in the last half of the magazine are in inverse order. I have reordered the pages and attach a copy of the PDF.
DavidT : RCM 1975/12 December : RCL#2074 : 24/01/2018

The catalogue presented here is the one printed for the year 1962 when the company was still owned by Mr Glasser. You can see very little use of colour, perhaps because it was expensive to print colour in those days and the catalogue was freely distributed, despite stating that it cost 15 cents!!!
edubarca : Revell Authentic Kits Catalogue : RCL#2021 : 17/11/2017

Oops! You're right Ian, well spotted. I've changed the numbering on this issue and I'll hunt down No. 61. Thanks again :)
Mary : Profile Publications No. 062: de Havilland D.H.9 : RCL#2013 : 08/11/2017

I browse your site regularly and think it’s fantastic! I've just noticed the latest Profile publication should be named 62, not 61 and 61 (the Ansaldo Scouts) is missing.
IanH : Profile Publications No. 062: de Havilland D.H.9 : RCL#2013 : 08/11/2017

I have just noticed that this book takes us to 1000 titles on the RCLibrary shelves - hurray! Thank you everyone who has helped support the Library by scanning & sharing your books, catalogues, magazines, patents etc. You are all stars :)
Mary : Building & Flying RC Sailplanes & Electric Gliders : RCL#2010 : 04/11/2017

I guess that would be my job :) I'll get on it now ...
Mary : Plans Handbook 1: Aeromodelling : RCL#2007 : 02/11/2017

The free plan referred to on the cover is in the Outerzone library as plan id 8948, Stothers.
Stormin : AeroModeller 1939/07 July : RCL#2008 : 02/11/2017

Fascinating. Wonder who will do an audit to see which of the plans included are available on Outerzone?
Marty : Plans Handbook 1: Aeromodelling : RCL#2007 : 02/11/2017

This really is a dreamer's book! I can remember spending hours imagining building all sorts of wonderful planes to be found within. I never ever procured even one plan, remaining steadfastly a kit builder to the end!
NicholasTucker : Plans Handbook 1: Aeromodelling : RCL#2007 : 02/11/2017

I think there are a lot of prop flickers out there, all with oily fingers, who will like this book ... if they haven't already got it and are keeping it quietly for themselves!!!
NicholasTucker : Model Aero Engine Encyclopedia : RCL#1996 : 23/10/2017

Is it just me who thinks Don Dewey look surprisingly like Julian Assange in this photo?!
Mary : RCM 1974/09 September : RCL#1983 : 14/10/2017

Sorry to hear that you find some aspects of RCLibrary such a pain. Most of the titles on RCL are scans sent to us by other people. This is why the file size varies so much. If a file is especially big (usually anything over 40MB) I'll usually try to compress it further. This isn't always possible, as some files are already compressed as far as they can be, in which case I have to split the title into multiple files. All this adds another step in the preparation process, which I don't always have time for. I run this site as a labour of love alongside my 'proper' job! There's also a question of quality ie how far it's worth compressing a file if this results in a poorer quality image. My aim for the library is to save as many of the old-time titles as possible, and make them available for as long as possible. With internet speeds increasing all the time, I tend to err on the side of quality: I'd rather the archive was high quality than full of small files.
Mary : RCM 1974/06 June : RCL#1962 : 03/10/2017

General query rather than a Comment If I could. RCM scans are in the 35~40 mb range Yet the Model Builder ones are 15~20Mb. Both are usually same number of pages more or less. Why? the double size files for RCM.. scans. It's a Bit of a PITA to be honest. It takes longer to download those seemingly Oversised Scans and annoying if trying to download more than the occaissional file.
Anon : RCM 1974/06 June : RCL#1962 : 03/10/2017

I loved the bit where it said the Messerschmitt 110 carried two TONS of bombs. Even with the US 'short ton' that's as much as a Blenheim could carry LOL.
Dathi : Air Trails Annual 1943 : RCL#1980 : 30/09/2017

Thank you, that's most kind :) I've put your version onto RCLibrary just now. Thanks again!
Mary : Profile Publications No. 055: Fokker Dr.I : RCL#1975 : 26/09/2017

The copy of this profile as originally posted had page 5 at the end of the document. I have attached a copy of the pdf rearranged with all pages in the correct order. Great work on both sites!
Skippy : Profile Publications No. 055: Fokker Dr.I : RCL#1975 : 26/09/2017

The trick with Firefox isn't to open it directly but 'save link as' - that way it always works (you were downloading it anyway, weren't you?).
Daithi : Aeroplanes : RCL#1894 : 09/08/2017

Thank you for highlighting this, Paul. I'm afraid this happens sometimes (feels like it's happened a lot recently!). We add the magazines & books just as they come in to us, so these pages were probably missing when this issue was scanned by the contributor. Perhaps an earlier reader cut out the pages to build from? If anyone out there is able to scan the missing pages and share them with us, we'll be very grateful :)
Mary : Model Builder 1973/09 September : RCL#1901 : 17/07/2017

FYI pages 31-34 are missing in the scan.
PaulL : Model Builder 1973/09 September : RCL#1901 : 17/07/2017

Hi Skippy - we upload the magazines & books just as they come in to us, which means this page was probably missing from the paper copy when it was scanned by the contributor. I'm afraid this happens from time to time. I guess the original readers sometimes tore pages out for scrapbooks, bedroom walls, to share with friends, and so on. I know that's what I did in my youth with magazines - I still do! Can anyone out there with a paper copy of this issue possibly scan page 44 and share it with us?
Mary : Model Aircraft 1954/02 February : RCL#1902 : 15/07/2017

I have downloaded Model Aircraft 1954/02 February (RCL#1902} and see there is a photo on page 45 that refers to an article on the facing page. Unfortunately that page (44) is not included in your scan. Was it missing from the publication or just overlooked in the scanning process?
Skippy : Model Aircraft 1954/02 February : RCL#1902 : 15/07/2017

Thank you John, that's useful to know.
Mary : Aeroplanes : RCL#1894 : 13/07/2017

I get blank pages occasionally when I use Firefox. When I cut and paste the link to another web browser it works fine. This also happens with the plans site occasionally.
JohnLeB : Aeroplanes : RCL#1894 : 13/07/2017

The download works ok here and no one else has reported any problems (yet). Might be something at your end? If anyone else is having the same difficulty with this title, please let me know.
Mary : Aeroplanes : RCL#1894 : 08/07/2017

Hi Mary - I've got 264 completely black pages. Is it me or you ?? Best Regards !!
ChrisPinn : Aeroplanes : RCL#1894 : 08/07/2017

I'm so sorry about this. I've got a bit sloppy about checking if all relevant pages are present - my apologies. We're no longer in contact with the person who sent us all the RCM scans (it was years ago, long before RCL was even a twinkle in Steve's eye!). I guess his collection had some pages missing here and there, so he just couldn't scan them. Can anyone out there help with the missing articles? (Some may be on Outerzone, of course. If I get time, I'll have a look.)
Mary : RCM 1973/08 August : RCL#1890 : 03/07/2017

This issue has 40 pages missing, I can understand skipping some advertising, but parts of articles are missing as well. Still love the site.
TedAvey : RCM 1973/08 August : RCL#1890 : 03/07/2017

It is a lovely picture, Stu. I'm afraid I have no idea where you would find the original painting. Does anyone out there have any helpful suggestions?
Mary : AeroModeller Annual 1956-57 : RCL#1887 : 30/06/2017

Hello, I am interested to find the original watercolour of the Druine Turbulent used in the cover of the Aero Modeller Annual 1956-7. It is by J.D.Carrick. Would you have any idea where I could start to find it?
Stu : AeroModeller Annual 1956-57 : RCL#1887 : 30/06/2017

I had this book with red color covers. This is one of my favorite books for single channel model airplanes. Well written and comprehensive information, as well as including Weekender model plan.
LeventSuberk : Introduction to Single Channel R/C Aircraft : RCL#1017 : 29/06/2017

Unfortunately, I do not have that issue but I do know that the missing pages are the Super Kaos plans and you do have the whole Super Kaos article [on Outerzone] archived with the plans at Super Kaos oz5523! That does not help much with the first page of the Pitts article which would be page 26.
Ken : RCM 1973/05 May : RCL#1869 : 14/06/2017

Aarrgghh - another one with missing pages :( Can anyone help complete this issue?
Mary : RCM 1973/05 May : RCL#1869 : 13/06/2017

I noticed that pages 23-26 are missing, which makes the articles on the Super Kaos and the Pitts Special kind of hard to follow. Please keep up the great work!
SimonBlake : RCM 1973/05 May : RCL#1869 : 13/06/2017

I want one of these flying cars!
Mary : Air Trails 1937/09 September : RCL#1864 : 07/06/2017

Hi David - I've just checked and it is slightly strange - thanks for pointing it out! The 4 missing pages have been inserted are at the end of the issue for some reason. Perhaps to allow for one single scan of the plan on pgs 32-33? When I get time, I'll split and re-edit the file. Until then, at least we know where the pages are!
Mary : Model Builder 1973/04 April : RCL#1828 : 03/05/2017

This magazine issue is missing pages 31 through 34.
David : Model Builder 1973/04 April : RCL#1828 : 03/05/2017

Sorry everyone! I uploaded the wrong part B for this title. Correct file added just now :) Thanks to Ted & Nikolay for letting me know.
Mary : AeroModeller Annual 1953 : RCL#1824 : 28/04/2017

Thank you Pit - that's fascinating!
Mary : RCM 1972/10 October : RCL#1820 : 26/04/2017

Oct 1972 RCM doesn't do justice to the blonde cover girl - she was famous and is still alive. She was Gunilla Knuttson (with several variants in the name) and was Miss Sweden 1961 and semi-finalist of Miss Universe of the same year. She emigrated to the USA and became famous for the Noxzema shaving-soap TV spot that was considered very sexy in that period ( Don Dewey paid particular attention to match the colour of the dress or swimsuit of the models (girls) with the depicted models (airplanes). In that period RCM was considered the modeller's Playboy magazine, and modeller's wives were always suspicious about the contents of this magazine. Most of the cover girls are still around and with the advent of social networks it's not difficult to find them, this is another aspect of aeromodelling research ... But I agree, surely it's not one of the best RCM covers.
Pit : RCM 1972/10 October : RCL#1820 : 26/04/2017

That's the result of the swinging '60s being replaced by the slutty '70s!
Daithi : RCM 1972/10 October : RCL#1820 : 25/04/2017

I have to confess, I really don't like this month's cover picture!
Mary : RCM 1972/10 October : RCL#1820 : 24/04/2017

Thanks for spotting this John! Apologies everyone. I've uploaded the correct file now.
Mary : Model Aircraft 1952/08 August : RCL#1779 : 20/03/2017

Sorry if a zillion people have pointed this out, but although it is indeed the cover and contents of Model Aircraft for 08/1952 shown, the download is the issue for October 1952. I visit your excellent site daily, and chiefly because I long to read the article for the Fidgety Midget - temptingly shown under details, I keep checking the download, but it stubbornly remains the October '52 issue!
JohnW : Model Aircraft 1952/08 August : RCL#1779 : 20/03/2017

Apologies to anyone who had difficulity downloading this issue of RCM. I've replaced the file and downloads should work more smoothly. Thanks to Gerrit and Marty for alerting me to the problem.
Mary : RCM 1972/05 May : RCL#1785 : 20/03/2017

Enclosed find photo of my just completed 1936 Bug from the library website [more pics 003]. Found it in the August Air Trails magazine. A bamboo bender's dream, wing tips, stab tips and all the ribs are bent from bamboo. Weighs in at a hefty 7 grams all up without rubber. Enjoy!!
RandyWrisley : Air Trails 1936/08 August : RCL#1689 : 14/03/2017

I've replaced the file that had missing pages with a complete version of this RCM issue. Many thanks to Harry Kirkland for scanning the missing pages :)
Mary : RCM 1971/08 August : RCL#1722 : 20/02/2017

Hi Andres - sorry about this. I'm afraid we can't fix it, as that's just the way this issue was sent in to us. I guess those pages were missing from the original magazine they scanned. Does anyone out there have a paper copy of this RCM issue? Could you scan the missing pages and share them with us? We'd all be very grateful :)
Mary : RCM 1971/08 August : RCL#1722 : 19/02/2017

On the RCM 1971/08 August PDF file, submission date: 16/01/2017, the pages 31 through 34 were missing. I'm so interested in the BE2E article and plans. I would appreciate if you can resolve this.
AndresAcuna : RCM 1971/08 August : RCL#1722 : 19/02/2017

Fantastic, Daithi! Many thanks :)
Mary : German WWI printable lozenge fabric : RCL#1755 : 19/02/2017

The Old Warden example is a 'restored' one. The only definitive D VII with lozenge fabric is at Knowlton in Canada; it's the only unrestored D VII in the world. There's a good collection of photos of that here: which also shows the "hier anheben/hier nicht anheben" ("lift/don’t lift here") markings. There's a lot of detail on that that gets overlooked. Unfortunately, the Morell ASI (the anemometer) is missing, but the offset fin and windshield are there (again, often overlooked details, especially the 'cutout' at the bottom right of the windshield). But keep in mind that fabric dyes do fade, especially in the open air. The Old Warden example, while it does use printed fabric (made with modern dyes) hasn't been exposed to the elements. To print on tissue – overlap a sheet of standard paper with the tissue (use a photomount adhesive to 'fix it on the back of the sheet) and just run it through. You may need to join sets to fill an A4 and/or an A3 sheet but any decent graphics app will let you do that.
Daithi : German WWI printable lozenge fabric : RCL#1755 : 19/02/2017

Great feedback Arnaldo, many thanks. Daithi - any chance of that article?!
Mary : German WWI printable lozenge fabric : RCL#1755 : 18/02/2017

It is an excellent idea, I really liked it. Now I would very much like an article (for lack of a better word) to go with it, explaining how he has printed it: tissue(s) used, printer, technique, etc. Yes, I do remember seeing such articles occasionally in the hobby press, and have a rough idea how it is done but this would not come amiss. One question, if I may. The 4-colour lower surfaces colours seem a little pale when compared with the fabric I saw and photographed at Old Warden - which one is right, I wonder?? Anyway, excellent work - and excellent idea on your part to include it.
ArnaldoCorreia : German WWI printable lozenge fabric : RCL#1755 : 18/02/2017

The usual problem with downloading is just opening the link. What does work is to right click on it and (in Firefox) 'download as' – this saves the download. PDF files have a tendency not to actually download but to open in the browser.
Daithi : RCM 1971/12 December : RCL#1750 : 15/02/2017

A couple of people have been in touch to say they can't download this issue of RCM. It works fine for us on our PCs at this end, using two different browsers, and we can see it's been downloaded by other people too. But maybe more of you are having problems? If you are - apologies! - please can you let me know, and tell me what internet browser you're using. Thanks.
Mary : RCM 1971/12 December : RCL#1750 : 14/02/2017

You're right about the category - I just forgot! I've added it now. I'm afraid I don't have an answer to your question about page sizes. The scans were originally done some time ago by Zoe Quilter, in another format. Zoe gave us permission to use them, then Bullseye converted the files to pdf & 'stitched' all the individual pages together into a single document. I'm not sure why the page sizes differ. I've always wondered the same thing myself. Maybe it's something to do with what happens to the original files when converted to pdf? Can anyone out there enlighten us?
Mary : AeroModeller 1953/08 August : RCL#1738 : 03/02/2017

Is there an explanation as to why pages have been scanned at different sizes? I think this item should be in the magazine section. Love your sites,
TedAvey : AeroModeller 1953/08 August : RCL#1738 : 03/02/2017

The author of this book was also Captain and Instructor in the Prussian Balloon Corps, which sounds rather marvellous.
Mary : Airships Past and Present : RCL#1733 : 27/01/2017

Thanks Howard, well spotted! I've edited the file name and it's correct now :)
Mary : Model Maker 1952/02 February : RCL#1699 : 23/12/2016

Hi Steve. PDF file incorrectly tagged as: ModelMaker_1951_02.pdf. Should be ModelMaker_1952_02.pdf.
Howard : Model Maker 1952/02 February : RCL#1699 : 23/12/2016

Hi there, Thank you very much for posting this magazine. The cover brought back great memories. I went to the Australian Nationals in 1975 as a kid ... it really filled my head with dreams! The cover of "Australian & New Zealand Modellers Monthly", 1976/01, shows Daryl Hartwig with his Hercules. At that time, this model was simply huge (apparently 3- 1/2 meter span) and Daryl said it was the first giant scale, 4 engine r/c model in Australia. I think he said he built it in 1974. He said that he needed to get clearance from the authorities to fly this model. He also said that as there were no plans available, he bought a plastic Airfix Hercules kit and made his own plans from that! Many, many years later, when I was a member of the Riverland Model Aero Club, Daryl still had the model but unfortunately he had developed a medical problem and couldn't fly much anymore. He asked if I could fly it for him "one more time" before he retired it and before he couldn't come to the airfield anymore. I said I would really like to try, so one weekend he brought it out and after checking it over, we fired up the engines which sounded great as they were all tuned via a digital tacho and there were NO MUFFLERS! After final checks, we took it onto the strip. On the first takeoff attempt one engine failed so I aborted the takeoff. After refueling and retuning, we took it out again. This time the takeoff was a success. The climb out was quite good, but turns in either direction left a bit to be desired. The wings would tip stall very easily, even at shallow bank angles. The recovery required a LOT of forward stick + cut the throttles back to idle, then get the wings leveled (with rudder only) and flying again, then smoothly apply power again, and slowwwly start climbing again. This all burned up altitude of course and I began to wonder if I could stay on top of it all. After fighting with it a few times, the Hercules and I seemed to 'come to an understanding' and the rest of the flight was reasonable smooth. I even managed a couple of low passes for Daryl which looked and sounded great! (OK, the low passes were for me to enjoy as well ...) The noise that those 4 un-muffled, in tune engines made was excellent (at least to all the modelers present!) and is a sound I will never forget. After flying around for a while longer, I set up for landing while all the engines were still running. The circuit and landing went fairly well and I even did a fairly smooth, nose high touchdown. One engine failed on the landing roll but at that stage, it wasn't a problem. To say I was a fired up would have been an understatement! Apart from the tip stall issues, the flight went great ... definitely one that will always stay on my list of 'great flights'. Daryl was also very happy and congratulated me on the flight and for getting it up and down in one piece. He told me that in the Hercules lifetime, it had only flown 13 times (mine was the 13th flight), and of those 13 flights, it had gone home "in a bag" on 11 of previous flights!!! WOW, I felt even more privileged to have flown it. I of course thanked Daryl for giving me the opportunity to fly this magnificent model and piece of Australian modeling history. Great job Daryl!!
MarkStanley : Modellers' Monthly 1976/01 January/ February : RCL#1691 : 20/12/2016

This is a fantastic book. I tracked one down and bought myself a physical copy (it was NOT cheap).
dfritzke : Model Boat Construction : RCL#1401 : 09/12/2016

Many thanks to Eduardo for correcting our error about the origins of the name 'Avianca'. I've amended the description accordingly.
Mary : Historia de la Aviacion en Colombia: Avianca : RCL#1681 : 07/12/2016

Glad to see this book preserved here for posterity. My father had a copy and, having seen an ECC telecommander RC set working in his Veron Marlin boat, I was inspired to read this despite being far too young to understand any of its contents. Nevertheless, it triggered an interest in aeromodelling and electronics that determined the direction of my career.
ColinMill : Simple Radio Control : RCL#1612 : 13/10/2016

*According to wikipedia "Otto Lilienthal (1848-1896) was a German pioneer of aviation who became known as the Glider King. He was the first person to make well-documented, repeated, successful gliding flights. Newspapers and magazines published photographs of Lilienthal gliding, favorably influencing public and scientific opinion about the possibility of flying machines becoming practical. On August 9 1896, his glider stalled and he was unable to regain control. Falling from about 15 m (50 ft), he broke his neck and died the next day, 10 August 1896."
Mary : AeroModeller Annual 1968-69 : RCL#1626 : 12/10/2016

Hi Mary and Steve. Please check the article "1st. Colombian Nationals"! You can see me with John Lennon type glasses as one of the judges!!! [see image above] Those were the days!!! Warmest regards,
Eduardo : RCM 1970/06 June : RCL#1624 : 11/10/2016

Glad you enjoyed this issue, Anon :) I'll do my best to dig up more. If anyone out there has anything similar, we'd love to see it!
Mary : Model Airplane News 1935/03 : RCL#1622 : 10/10/2016

More of these please if you can!!!
Anon : Model Airplane News 1935/03 : RCL#1622 : 10/10/2016

Hi Mary. Model Airplane News mag had several suffix near the original title. It happened when the mag changed the publisher/editor. In this case the Gray Band Publishing Co. was succeeded by Jay Publishing Co. in Sept 1932. The same happened when some mag was incorporated by another mag in Europe.
Pit : Model Airplane News 1935/03 : RCL#1622 : 10/10/2016

Looks like MAN was once known as "Universal Model Airplane News"; I'm not sure when the name change took place.
Mary : Model Airplane News 1935/03 : RCL#1622 : 08/10/2016