AeroModeller 1944/08 August (RCL#2683)

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"In our May issue, we referred to a young 'spotter'. A reader now sends us notice of a 3 year old boy who can identify anything up to 400 aircraft, gliders, etc. Even at the age of two he could identify machines by picking them out of a pack of aircraft cards."

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AeroModeller 1944/08 August
D.A. Russell & C.S. Rushbrooke (Eds.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Leicester
August  1944
Magazine, 54 pages

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About this title

"The Model Aeronautical Journal of the British Empire"
Vol. IX, No. 105

Aerodynamics of the Humming Bird - Frank W. Lane
Gremlins - H. Speight
1/48th Solid Scale Model Motors, Article VI: Junkers Jumo 211 - "SBS"
An Explanation of Dihedral Effect - AH Butler
Petrol Vapour - "CEB"
"Judy" - K. McCaw
Reminiscences of the D.H. Biplane of 1917-18 - Victor A. Webb
The Avro Avian - EJ Riding
Photographic Section - JA Hodgson
R.D.W.8. - Corpl. Welsberg
The Kestrel - R. Malmstrom
Readers' Letters
Longeron Strength Data - JH Maxwell
Streamlined Speed - Surgeon-Commander RNVR
Pterodactyl Glider - RD Brewer
Split Flap Experiments on a 52 in. Span Model - JS Forrest
Monthly Memoranda - OG Thetford
Aeroplane Described XIX: Bristol Beaufighter X - HJ Cooper
Club News - Clubman

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