AeroModeller 1947/05 May (RCL#2680)

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"In models of single engine types, the shape of the nose of the fuselage will vary according to the type of engine fitted, but since there are only a comparatively few types of engine in general use, we shall find a similarity in nose shaping on many widely different types."

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AeroModeller 1947/05 May
D.A. Russell & C.S. Rushbrooke (Eds.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Leicester
May  1947
Magazine, 68 pages

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About this title

"The Model Aeronautical Journal of the British Empire"
Vol. XII, No. 137



Special Articles:
North American Navion
Phony Tony
.8 cc Diesel
British Diesel Summary

Regular Features:
Aircraft in Miniature
Control Line Commentary
Mainly for Beginners
Aerodynamic Design
Civil Aircraft
Model News
Gadget Review
Monthly Memoranda
Aeroplanes Described
Club News

Cover Painting:
DH 108

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Hi Mary and Steve. What a classic issue! Now that I am locked down for a few months I was looking for a workshop project and found the Sparey .8 diesel engine for home construction. Plans are very clear and so I told a few mates on RC Groups. If there are a few extra downloads then now you might know why.
DannyMZ - 02/04/2020
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