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"Most every R/Cer equipped with an experimental nature has probably envisioned the possibility of flying small, lightweight, slow-moving R/C model aircraft indoors."

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Model Builder 1978/09 September
Model Builder
Wm. C. Northrop, Jr. (Ed.)
Model Builder Magazine, California
September  1978
Magazine, 152 pages

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About this title

Vol. 8, No. 80


Workbench - Bill Northrop
Over the Counter - Eloy Marez
R/C World - Bill Northrop
Electric Power - Mitch Poling
"1 to 1", R/C Scale - Bob Underwood
"Fuel Lines" - George Aldrich, Otto Bernhardt, Dale Kirn
R/C Pylon - Jim Gager
R/C Forum - Hal DeBolt
WW-II Scramble at Morgan Hill - Patricia Groves
North/ South R/C Soaring Challenge - Dave Thornberg
Mammoth Scale - Ron Shettler
R/C Soaring - Dr Larry Fogel
Chopper Chatter - John Tucker
The Flight Instructor - Dave Brown
Model Merchant's "Ricky Rat" - Charlie Viosca
R/C Auto News
Strictly Sail - Rod Carr
Dumas "Ske-Vee-10" - Jerry Dunlap
R/C Power Boats - Bob Preusse
Half-A Scene - Larry Renger
Plug Sparks - Jim Pond
F/F Scale - Fernando Ramos
Control Line - Dan Rutherford
Hannan's Hangar - Bill Hannan
NFFS Championships - Jim Scarborough

Scale Views:
Persian Hawker Fury - Peter Westburg

Great Lakes Trainer - Bill Northrop
Famous R/C Aircraft No. 2: Hal deBolt's"Live Wire" Trainer - Hal deBolt
R/C Steam Powered Launch - Kilburn Adams
Cobra/ Kingfisher Whip/ U-Control - Dave Kingman
Peanut Sopwith "Pu" - John Blair

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