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"To those who really care, the building stage of a model aircraft is every bit as interesting and rewarding as its flight performance. Why be just a flier of models when you can have the pride of creating the machine from raw materials?"

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Model Aeroplane Building Sketch By Sketch
Peter Holland
Argus Books Limited, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire
Book, 189 pages

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About this title

Comprehensive introduction to aeromodelling.
Well illustrated with black & white drawings by the author.

Which materials, where?
Building with sheet
Profile fuselages
Open frame models
Mounting the engine
Better fuselages
Around the engine
Hatches, cockpits
Better wings & tails
Hingeing control surfaces
Wing & tail attachment
Landing gear (undercarriages)
Snow & water
Electric flight & CO2
'Foam' construction
More materials
Covering & finishing
Propellers for rubber power
Linkage tips for R/C, C/L & F/F
Rigging & checking
Minor repairs
Workshop tips

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Model Aeroplane Building Sketch By Sketch
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