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Unknown title
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About this title

Fragments of an airplane "lick-and-stick" book for children, c. 1975.

See contributor's comment below.

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Unknown title
Submission date: 22/02/2020
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Credit*: AndyKunz
Format: PDF
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User comments:

When I was little, Mom and Dad would get my siblings and me things to keep us busy on the drives of our vacation trips. One year they got me an airplane lick-and-stick book. I still have most of it. Saturday I had some time to waste, so I scanned the book to PDF. One of my friends put the 1-pagers into a single 14 meg PDF file for me. This is incomplete, poor condition, etc. but you're welcome to add it to the book library. I don't know how to classify it other than perhaps "children" or "coloring book" or "line art" or something like that.

What I'd like to do is find a better copy. This book is at about 45 years old. I bring it here hoping that somebody else might remember it, and the off-chance that I might be able to find a copy, or who printed or authored it. Any information at all would help. See also: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=32694470&postcount=1 Thanks for any help!
Andy Kunz - 22/02/2020
Thanks for this charming upload. I can easily see what made you keep this book over the years. Sorry for not being able to help you any further...
Hu Wo - 21/03/2020
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