RCM 2005/03 March - April (RCL#2665)

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"What happened to March? You didn't miss it. The RCM staff found itself pushed back in the production schedule by several unexpected events during the holiday season. "

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RCM 2005/03 March - April
Patricia Crews (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
March  2005
Magazine, 85 pages

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About this title

Vol. 42, No. 3 & 4


R/Cs Pioneers Get Together - Art Schroeder
The Wow Factor - David P. Andersen

Fokker V.23 - Bob Wallace

From the Shop - Jim Pearson
Engine Clinic - Clarence Lee
Radio Spectrum - Cal Orr
Flying Lowe - Don Lowe
Hover - John Benario
Soaring -Mike Lee
Big is Beautiful - Ken Runestrand
Airplane Stuff - Jim Oddino
For What It's Worth - Jerry Smith
Beginners' Bench - Jerry Festa
Silent Power - Jim Zare

Crossfire 320E ARF - Ken Kehlet
Pitts 400 EP ARF - Jerry Smith
Electric P-51D Mustang - Steve Ciambrone
RCV 91-CD - Clarence Lee
T-34 Mentor .40 ARF - Jerry Festa
Micro Whizz ARF - Mike Lee

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