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"The noon-time airshow was spectacular. It was breathtaking to see a giant B-29 model flying inverted down the length of the runway."

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RCM 2005/01 January
Patricia Crews (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
January  2005
Magazine, 82 pages

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About this title

Vol. 42, No. 1


Deland Golden Hawks Annual Festival of Giants - Wallace J. Zober
Converting the Hangar 9 Ultra Stick Lite to Electric - Joe Hass
Crazy About R/C - Jim Pearson
Straight Hulls & Scale Fuselages - Don Sobbe

Eagle V: Entry-Level Turbine Powered Model for the Sport Flier, Part II - Giancarlo & Alessandro Genta

From the Shop
Engine Clinic - Clarence Lee
Designs Unlimited - Tom Prescott
Radio Spectrum -Carl Orr
Big is Beautiful - Ken Runestrand
Hover - John Benario
Silent Power - Jim Zare
For What It's Worth - Jerry Smith
Soaring -Mike Lee
Beginners' Bench - Jerry Festa
Airplane Stuff - Jim Oddino

Ultra Stick Lite 120 ARF - Joe Hass
27% Edge 540T ARF - Jim Oddino
1/4 Scale Fokker DR-1 Triplane - Joseph Gulick
F4U Corsair .60 ARF - Jim Feldman

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Showcase 2005
RCM Sneak Preview
Readers Exchange
RCM Anthology Book Contest
RCM Plans Contest
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Apologies everyone for the broken download link. I think I've fixed it now & the download seems to work OK. Please get in touch if you still have problems. Thanks to Gerrit & Arnaldo for letting us know :-) Kind regards, Mary
Mary - 20/01/2020
I keep a copy of all the magazines you put out Mary, and I'm grateful (my own collection of hard copy disappeared years ago during the slight altercation here) and a missing month or two is quite understandable, but how come RCM is missing 21 *YEARS*? LOL
Daithi - 31/01/2020
Haha! That's a fair point, Daithi. No idea why there's such a big gap, I'm afraid. This is just what came in to us at the time - which is so long ago now, we no longer even have the contact details of the original contributor. If anyone out there has the RCM Missing Years and is willing to scan them, we will of course be VERY happy to host them on RCLibrary :)
Mary - 31/01/2020
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