Evolution of the Red Arrows (RCL#2648)

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"On 15th May 1972, the Red Arrows departed the UK for their first ever North American tour."

About this Title

Evolution of the Red Arrows
Gary Siddall
International Plastic Modellers Society (UK)
Book, 12 pages

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About this title

An illustrated history of all the colour schemes and making variations, Gnats and Hawks, 1964-2014. Produced by the Aerobatic Display Teams Special Interest Group of IPMS(UK), the International Plastic Modellers Society. Commemorating the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team's 50th Display Season, 2014.

Compilation, design and all original artwork by Gary Siddall, Aerobatic Display Teams SIG Leader.

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Evolution of the Red Arrows
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User comments:

What a nice "little" volume loaded to the rudder tip with excellent information and beautiful graphics. Thank you very much!
MiguelMorao - 29/12/2019
I had the luck to see the Red Arrows in the late 1980-ies when a fairly small airfield close to the place where I live had some kind of jubilee. It was an absolutely thrilling sight to see those sleek trainers perform their immaculate routine and touch down in pairs, in utter precision. It still gives me the goosebumps to remember it.
Clouddozer - 07/02/2020
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