Model Airplane News 1934/08 August (RCL#2621)

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"What Is A Wind Tunnel?"

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Model Airplane News 1934/08 August
Model Airplane News
Charles Hampson Grant (Ed.)
Jay Publishing Corp., New York
August  1934
Magazine, 52 pages

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About this title

"Universal Model Airplane News" - Vol. XI, No. 1

Building Models for the "Tunnel" - Alexander Klemin
On the Frontiers of Aviation- Robert C. Morrison
The Albatros Fighters on Parade - Joe Nieto
Fundamentals of Model Airplane Building - Edwin T. Hamilton
Air-Ways: Here and There
Build a Flying Model Beechcraft - RV Grover & FT Roberts
Illustrated Aviation Dictionary - Edwin T. Hamilton
How the Aeroplane Was Created - David Cooper
"TS" Navy Fighter - Bill Nye
Aerodynamic Design of the Model Plane - Charles Hampson Grant
Polish Fighter (3 view) - William Wylam
Short Cuts for the Model Builder- Edwin T. Hamilton
Build this World Record Twin Pusher - August Ruggeri
NAA Junior Membership News
Insignia of the US Army Air Corps
Aviation Advisory Board

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