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"It is said that, irritated by ceaseless idle chattering on a long and tiresome coach journey, Dr Johnson silenced a fellow-passenger by stating 'Madam, the strepituosity of circumrotary motion renders inaudible the modulations of normal discourse, and the cartilaginous members composing our auricular organs are stultified to the exercise of their normal functions'."

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Model Maker 1960/03 March
Model Maker
V.E. Smeed (Ed.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Watford, Herts.
March  1960
Magazine, 52 pages

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Vol. 10, No. 111


Model Ships & Sailing Craft:
Veleta, Simple All-Balsa Motor Yacht
Warship Detail: 32 ft Cutter
Towage on the Thames, Part II
Wasp, Marblehead - S. Witty
Kipper Box, Airscrew Hydroplane
Gramophone-Powered Boat
Do It Yourself Sailmaking
Ship Fittings: Crescent Davits
Marine Miniatures

Model Cars:
Cars at Aintree
Class Bulbs Grand prix
Kalamazoo G.P.
Dino Ferrari in 1/24 Scale
Prototype Parade: Porsche F1
M.C.A. Speed Championships, 1959

Model Engineering:
Otter, 15 c.c. Engine Step by Step
Lathe Lore: Lapping
Marine Motor Test: Mikromax

Radio Control:
Reptone Reviewed

Cotswold Cottage
Gimmicks & Gadgetry

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