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"I personally think the selection of Australia as the site of the 5th R/C World Championships is reasonable. Because of the distance, no one ever wants to go to Australia for a meet, so if the Aussies want to compete, they are ones who always must travel half way around the world."

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RCM 1984/04 April
Patricia Crews (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
April  1984
Magazine, 91 pages

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About this title

Vol. 21, No. 4


From the Shop
Soaring - Al Doig
RCM Product Review: Super Sportster 60
Scale Views - Col. Art Johnson
Cunningham on RC - Chuck Cunningham
Yardstick - George Thompson
RCM Product Review: Dakota Hawk 76
Two Much IV - Joseph S. Lupton Jr.
Radio Spectrum - Jim Oddino
Engine Clinic - Clarence Lee
Sunday Flier - Ken Willard
Give it a Whirl - John Gorham
Flying Lowe - Don Lowe
Sweepings From the Balsa Dust Factory - P. Denson
BIRDS Flying Wing Contest
For What It's Worth - Jerry Smith
Big is Beautiful - Dick Phillips
RCM Product Review: 1/4 Scale Piper Cub
Pit Stop - Gene Husting
Communicate or Perish as an R/C Club - M Gabriel
Power Boating - Howard Power
Showcase '84
1983 NMPRA Championship Race
RCM Bookshelf
Confessions of the First Time Pattern Flier - Rick Christoph
Readers Exchange
Advertisers Index

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User comments:

I wonder if David Rye was being a bit tongue in cheek when he told a US publisher that his glider was called 'Durex'. I think somehow that the US readers wouldn't connect that to a well known brand. They did sort of compound their lack of awareness by referring to it as 'big'. This is the April edition and I've a feeling that may have a bearing LOL
Daithi - 15/11/2019
I dunno, Daithi. I walk by them all the time in the drugstore now. Maybe not back then, perhaps.
Lincoln - 28/12/2019
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