AeroModeller 1944/03 March (RCL#2609)

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"We continue to receive letters from readers revealing hidden sources of supply of balsa!"

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AeroModeller 1944/03 March
D.A. Russell & C.S. Rushbrooke (Eds.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Leicester
March  1944
Magazine, 55 pages

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About this title

"The Model Aeronautical Journal of the British Empire"
Vol. IX, No. 100

Petrol Vapour - Col. CE Bowden
Elementary Airscrew Theory & Design Method - G. Garwood (S.R.Ae.S.)
Airspeed A.S.5 Courier - EJ Riding
Airframe Strcutures (for Wakefields) - MF Boulesteix
Induction & Fuel Feed in Model Aircarft Petrol Engines - JFP Forster
As Things Were in the Beginning - HJP
Airspeed Horsa - Ian HV Hayes
"Some Exepriences with an American Gas Job" - BJ Stedman & JWC Judge
Photographic Section - JA Hodgson
The Swallow - LW Curry
Readers' Letters
Monthly Memoranda - O.G. Thetford
Aeroplane Described XIV: Pander Eg. 100 - H.J. Cooper
Club News -"Clubman"

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Another magnificent cover by Mr Rupert Moore! In June this year I made a comment on the AeroMod covers by him. Now, he wasn't just a hired designer, he was a well-practiced modeller with a significant list of articles published in AM itself and presumably elsewhere. A name search in OZ will find four designs of his, which to me is not enough to do justice to his work.
MiguelMorao - 23/10/2019
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