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"In 1982 it was announced that Slingsby was ceasing all glider production. It was not surprising news, although it was very sad."

About this Title

Slingsby Sailplanes
Martin Simons
Airlife Publishing Ltd, Shrewsbury
Book, 260 pages

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About this title

Slingsby Sailplanes: A Comprehensive History of All Designs

"This book describes Slingsby sailplanes and gliders from the British Falcon of 1931 to the last motorless aircraft produced - the Vega. Each type is illustrated with an accurate full page, three-view drawing, with photographs and text outlining the background to the design. The drawings are based on the original workshop plans."

Scarborough 1931-34
Kirbymoorside 1934-39
Second World War 1939-45
The laminar boundary layer
Wood, metal or glass? 1965-69
Vickers Slingsby
The end of sailplane production

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Slingsby Sailplanes
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User comments:

Thank you Daithi, I had missed this book early on. I have Simon's Aerodynamics of the Aircraft Model in my shelves and after all these years it still is a reference. I mean, in paper and two different editions :-) This one will be a valued addition to my e-library! My first flying (of sorts) model was a Veron Slingsby Prefect so I have a cdrect interest in this book.
MiguelMorao - 17/10/2019
I had the Keil Kraft one back then which used the full title of 'Kirby Prefect' (that was the 'official' name but, like most, in real life it was shortened). I never got to fly in one (I did train on the T 21 2 seater, aka 'The Barge', with the RAFGSA at RAF Marham, but got a medical discharge before I soloed). Mark you, the Tech Squadron W/O never approved - I did apply one time for an 'air experience flight' and got told "The Air Force has spent thousands training you to maintain radar - and it's too risky letting you go up in an aircraft".
Daithi - 18/10/2019
Fine story, Daithi. Considering my abilities, in my case I would be grateful to that T/O for providing the perfect excuse :-)
MiguelMorao - 20/10/2019
Hi Daithi, I stumbled upon this with a bit more on the Slingsbys, and the other link is something that left me breathless due to the quality and sheer beauty of the artwork. I may sound exaggerated but no, I mean it literally! Here they go:, Cheers!
MiguelMorao - 07/02/2020
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