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"During his record flight, Lieut. Crain was clad in light clothing, which gave him little protection against the cold and rain of the night. He carried thermos bottles of coffee and water, but the flying was so difficult that he was unable to relax long enough to even drink the coffee. Several bars of candy did aid in staving off hunger and sleep."

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National Glider & Airplane News 1931/10 October
National Glider and Airplane News
Lieut. E. Stieri (Editor-in-Chief)
Dime Publications, Inc., New York
October  1931
Magazine, 68 pages

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Vol. 3, No. 3

The Editor Says
Record Glider Flight of Lieut. Crain - Edwin W. Rawlings
Complete Report of the Second annual National Gliding & Soaring Contest at Elmira
Hastings American Glider Champion
Aircraft Radio Today - Myron Eddy
Controllable Pitch Propellers - FP Kaiser
Wing Ice Aids Spin Tests
Nation-Wide "Service to Aviation" Air Tour
Airport Accounting - IW Ellenberger
Coatings for Minimizing Warping & Checking of Wood & Plywood - HK von Maltitz
On the Editor's Book Shelf
Servicing Light Planes (Conclusion) - James G. Thompson
Aerial Mapping in Central America - Lieut. HK Baisley
Gliding & Flying Activities
Simplified Engineering & its Application - Louis A. Meyer
Ask Your Questions
Baltimore Show to Open November Fifteenth
Aviation Boosters of America - Richard Clancy
Aviation Home study Course: Metereology - Maj. Wm. L. Purcell
Model Aircrafters Department: How to Build the Autogiro - Thos. L. Bulger
Model Club News
Junior Aviators' Nomenclature
Advertisers' Index

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