AeroModeller 1944/02 February (RCL#2586)

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"America's first gas model dirigible has gone to war, and its going to war offers proof of the value of aeromodelling in winning the victory that will be ours."

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AeroModeller 1944/02 February
D.A. Russell & C.S. Rushbrooke (Eds.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Leicester
February  1944
Magazine, 55 pages

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About this title

"The Model Aeronautical Journal of the British Empire"
Vol. IX, No. 99

The ZE-2 Goes to War - Ted Alexander
Simple Bomb Release for Solids - CT Dean
How Scientific Welding can help - CW Brett, M.Inst.W.
A New Aspect on the Climb of Model Aircraft - "C"
"Optimist" III - EJS Townsend
DeHavilland 80A "Puss Moth" - EJ Riding
German Model Aero Engine Development - RHP Nott
Trimming for Indoor Flights - JHM Smith
Jet Propulsion for Model Aircraft
"My Engine" - Lawrence H. Sparey
Readers' Letters
Monthly Memoranda - O.G. Thetford
Aeroplane Described XIII: D.H.9a - H.J. Cooper
The Electrically Driven Model Aeroplane
Club News -"Clubman"

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