National Glider & Airplane News 1931/07 July (RCL#2572)

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"Beginning in this issue, you will find a rotogravure section. Regardless of expense, we are buying the best articles available. We are sparing no expense in the improvement of the general appearance and contents of this magazine. We welcome criticisms of a constructive nature in the interests of our magazine and aviation."

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National Glider & Airplane News 1931/07 July
National Glider and Airplane News
Lieut. E. Stieri (Editor-in-Chief)
Dime Publications, Inc., New York
July  1931
Magazine, 76 pages

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About this title

Vol. 2, No. 6

The Editor Says
At the Show
Army Raids New York
How to Build the Challenger (cont.) - TE Mead
Serving Wings Aloft
Diesel Engine Captures Non-Refueling Record
From the Pilot's Log Book: 'The Great Adventure' of Lieut. Apollo Soucek - Homer Kingsley
Development of Soaring in Germany (conclusion) - Wolfram Hirth
Home Made Shock-Cord - Dick Cole
New Soaring Center - Donald Walker, Manager of National Glider Association
Electric Eyes for Fog Flying
Licensing of Gliders Extended to January 1932
Gliding & Flying Activities
New Safe Landing Planer Test Successful
Charleston Dedicates New Airport - M. Bishop Alexander
Ask Your Questions
Rotogravure Section
Aviation Home Study Course: Meteorology - Major William L. Purcell
Simplified Engineering & Its Applications - Louis A. Meyer
Casuairlties - CB Colby
Goodrich Ice Eliminators Successful
Aviation Boosters of America - Richard Clancy
Colonel James C. Fitzmaurice Presents Glider to Warwick Glider Club
Model Aircrafters Department: How to Build Two Flying Models, the Comet & Airo Twin Pusher - Thomas L. Bulger
Answers to Last Month's Test Questions
Mr Vocalite: The Mechanical Man

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