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"Took time off from reading the letters to go flying. A friend of mine had his absolutely gorgeous, brand new airplane out for its first test flight."

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RCM 1983/06 June
Don Dewey (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
June  1983
Magazine, 101 pages

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About this title

Vol. 20, No. 6


From the Shop - Don Dewey
Sunday Flier - Ken Willard
Engine Clinic - Clarence Lee
Here's How - Jerry Smith
Cunningham on RC - Chuck Cunningham
RCM Product Review: Saratoga Windsong
Flying Lowe - Don Lowe
Big is Beautiful - Dick Phillips
A Couple of How-Tos - Bill Hutchison
Power Boating - Howard Power
RCM Product Test: Master Jig 400
67c System Connector Set - Clay Howe
Dream Machine - James H. Rice Jr.
R/C Solo, A True Story - Michael R. Gabriel
Silent Power - Jim Zarembski
Movable Building Bench - Joe Nagy
Soaring - Al Doig
Scale Views - Col. John deVries
2 Meter Power Pod for 1/2A Engines - W. Kronberger
Square Rigger - Paul F. Denson
RCM Field Charger "Super Juicer" - George Steiner
Give It A Whirl - John Gorham
RCM Product Review: Druine Turbulent
Pit Stop - Gene Husting
RCM Product Review: Super Streaker
Showcase '83
Straight Flight Back - DP Anderson
For What It's Worth
RCM's Real Thing Contest
RCM Subscription Contest
Readers Exchange
Advertisers Index

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