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"Singlehanded, Lieutenant Edward Rickenbacker brought down one German Albatros fighter and rescued Lieutenant James A. Meissner. Five German planes had attacked Meissner and he was boxed in when Rickenbacker dived to his assistance."

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Air Trails 1943/07 July
Air Trails
William Winter (Ed.)
Street & Smith Publications, Inc., New York
July  1943
Magazine, 72 pages

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About this title

"Air Trails Pictorial"
Vol. XX, No. 4


25 Years This Month - Dave Cooke
Book Reviews
"Stalin's Falcons" - Major Vassily Kolibelnikov
You'll Still Fly a "Putt-Putt" - William T. Piper
The New Luftwaffe - James L.H. Peck
The Typhoon - Alexis Dawydoff
Youth In Aviation
Meteorite - Claude D. McCullough
The Fortress - Earl Stahl
Brewster Buccaneer in Colour
Pine's No Problem - Ed Yulke
We Fly By Night - Dr HB Newlin & Paul Enstad
Model Matters
Air Trails Planbook No. 5 - Thomas A. Nayler
I've Buit Every Lockheed - Al Bridges
Whizz - Austin Rinaldi
Balsa Butch

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