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National Glider & Airplane News 1931/05 May

National Glider & Airplane News 1931/05 May - cover thumbnail  

"For the first time in the history of aviation, the publishers of this magazine are taking into the air thousands of young men and women who, heretofore, have never had the opportunity of riding in a plane."

National Glider & Airplane News 1931/05 May
National Glider and Airplane News
Lieut. E. Stieri (Editor-in-Chief)
Dime Publications, Inc., New York
May  1931
Magazine, 100 pages

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About this title

Vol. 2, No. 4

The Editor Says
Greetings - Col. Rickenbacker
Aviation's Big Show Opens
Seen at the Show
US Coast Guard to Use Fokkers
Cierva's Autogiro - VC Odher
What the Navy is Doing for Aviation - Lieut. Commander HR Oster
From the Pilot's Log Book: Accidental Deviation - TP Ball, Jr.
My Soaring Flight in New York City - Wolf Hirth
Construction of Low-Wing Monoplane (Part 3) - JC Marinac
Flying Gold Hounds - Orville H. Kneen
Glider & Sailplane Construction - W. Hawley Bowlus
What the Air Corps Does Besides Fight
Wright Announces New Engines - Ronald S. Gall
Earth Bound No Longer
Ask Your Questions
Solo Method of Flying Instruction - George Rockwell
Aviation Home Study Course - Major WL Purcell
Test Questions
Glider Club Activities
Aviation Boosters - Richard Clancy
Model Aircrafters - Thos. L. Bulger

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