Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion 1953/03 March (RCL#2543)

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"Mon moteur ne craint plus depuis, aucune comparaison, et atteint 10,000 t/m comme l'Elfin."

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Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion 1953/03 March
Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion
Maurice Bayet (Ed.)
Publications M.R.A., Paris
March  1953
Magazine, 20 pages

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About this title

French monthly scale model magazine: No. 168

La Coupe d'Hiver 1953
Charognard Glider - H. Baffert
Speaking of Engines - J. Morriset
Variable Pitch Single-Blade Propeller for Coupe d'Hiver - G. Brossier
About Helicopters - R. Bahout
The Yak-25, Flying Scale Model for Jetex - A. Dautin (Translator's note: This is a mis-labelled German Ta 183, the real Yak-25 is entirely different.)
Rules for the Federal Competition
Back to Ballast
Technical Chat: Janiaud - M. Pierrard
Milou III, A-2 Glider - R.Jauniaud
Chiouko, power model - J. Fontaine
Small Ads
Pull-out Charognard Glider plan, full size

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Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion 1953/03 March
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User comments:

Added list of contents, thanks to Miguel AKA The Mad Scholar :)
Mary - 09/07/2019
Re: the Charognard Glider - the name translated would be Scavenger, Necrophager, Carrion Bird, take your pick. It's not a specific bird but an entire 'family' of carcass eating birds as distinct from live prey hunters. The model looks pretty enough, though.
Miguel - 09/07/2019
Dear Miguel, I think that the name "Charognard" comes from the nickname of the insignia placed on the "calot" (kind of long cap) of the members of the French air force. The real name of this insignia is sparrowhawk.
Francois - 14/08/2019
Hi Mary, here's a continuation response for the above. It would be marvelous if you could publish these photos of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry [see photos above].
Miguel - 24/09/2019
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