RCM 1982/11 November (RCL#2526)

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"In springs past, a man's fancy turned to love. This year a man's fantasy was to win the ORRCA Championship."

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RCM 1982/11 November
Don Dewey (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
November  1982
Magazine, 109 pages

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About this title

Vol. 19, No. 11


From the Shop - Don Dewey
Off-Road Racing - Bill & Linda Pihl
Big is Beautiful - Dick Phillips
Cunningham on RC - Chuck Cunningham
Scale Views - Col. Art Johnson
Bylark Biplane - James Petrzelka
RCM Product Review: Kitty
Power Boating - Howard Power
Fairchild 24 - Robert Huisinga
Classic Ryan Navion Part II - Walter Musciano
The Real Thing Mock Two - Gene Wallock
Give It A Whirl - John Gorham
Sunday Flier - Ken Willard
Here's How - Jerry Smith
1982 World Champs for 1/12 Scale R/C Cars & 1982 Scale Masters Tournament Winners
RCM Product Review: Piper J-3 Cub
RCM Visits Dr George Clapp's Farm - D. Tichenor
Soaring - Al Doig
RCM Product Review: LTA-61 Blimp
Pit Stop - Gene Husting
Engine Clinic - Clarence Lee
The Ultimate Edge in Pattern Flying - JV Reiss, MD
Delta Pressurized Shock Absorber - Bill Campbell
How to Make Fiberglass Molds & Parts - G. Stottrup
Showcase '82
For What It's Worth
Readers Exchange
Advertisers Index

*Note - this title is part of a series of scans which use a particular method of scanning: any printed pages that contain only advertising copy were not scanned. Other pages may also be missing if they were missing from the paper original e.g. because a plan page was used to build from. This is reflected in the total page count. Scan page count will thus differ from page count of the original paper magazine.

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User comments:

There's something odd with the cover of this RCM issue but I can't quite put my finger on it.
MiguelMorao - 18/06/2019
I concur, Miguel. It's completely bonkers!
Mary - 18/06/2019
Hello. Just wanted to know why are u only providing half a magazine in pdf form which has been the case for a number of issues.
Amir - 18/06/2019
Hi Amir - good question :) The missing pages are because that's the way the RCM scans came to us. Whoever owned the paper magazines & scanned them either decided to miss those pages out (because they were mainly advertisements) or the pages were already missing from the paper original eg because someone had cut out the plan pages to use. We were sent the scans years ago, long before we set up RCLibrary, and can no longer contact the scanner to ask them about the missing pages. I used to add an explanatory note about the missing pages to each RCM issue, but stopped doing it at some point. I will start again, as I think it would be useful. Hope that helps :)
Mary - 18/06/2019
Miguel, you just want photos of girls in bikinis LOL
Daithi - 21/06/2019
I think you're right Daithi. Just received the comment below from Miguel!
Mary - 21/06/2019
Hi Mary, It's not the bonkers factor, it's the fact that contrary to tradition the ladies are (more than) fully clothed here.
Miguel - 21/06/2019
Daithi, I remember reading a quite funny thread in I think RCG on this subject and there were as many opinions as hmm... proverbials, the entire spectrum of for, against, neither, both, none of above. Many of the models - the skin, flesh and bones variety, not the balsa and/or foam - were local belles or some Miss Godzilla Festival 1986, but quite a few were respectable family members, wives, girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters, though I don't recall seeing a modeller's mother much less a granny but you never know. Somewhere in one of the Model Builders posted in this most excellent Library there is a Letter to the Editor from an annoyed wife cancelling a subscription because of this same subject, and the editor response was quite a propos. I'll try to find it. In any case I can assure you we are all much better off with photos of girls in bikinis, think what it would be if the photos were ME in bikini, or, maybe worse, YOU :-)) "Exit, pursued by a bear."
Miguel - 25/06/2019
I recall She Who Must Be Obeyed freaking because I had tuned into Discovery Channel to watch 'Super Models'. Luckily enough it did switch to a view of a 6 foot span of a RC Globemaster (complete with a r/c jeep that rolled out after landing) before I started wearing the frying pan on my head. LOL
Daithi - 28/06/2019
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