Gas Turbine Engines for Model Aircraft (RCL#2515)

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"Before he reached his fifth birthday Herr Schreckling had his first practical experience of model flying when he converted a tangled kite into a model aircraft."

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Gas Turbine Engines for Model Aircraft
Kurt Schreckling
Traplet Publications Limited, Worcestershire
Book, 104 pages

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About this title

Second edition.
Translated from the original German by Keith Thomas.

1. Introduction
2. The basic physical & technological principles behind the model turbo-jet engine
3. The jet engine & the model
4. Designing a model turbo-jet: the calculations
5. Measuring apparatus, measuring techniques & the analysis of measured results
6. Other accessories
7. Building instructions for the "FD 3/64" jet turbine
8. Specification of the "FD 3/64" turbo-jet engine
9. Running characteristics & operating instructions
10. FD 3/67 LS, the turbo-jet from a kit
11. Bibliography
12. Sources of supply

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