Air Trails 1943/04 April (RCL#2510)

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"Pioneer, experimenter, father of centralized pilot training, General Frank Lahm is one of aviation's heroes. He sees nothing glamorous about his career."

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Air Trails 1943/04 April
Air Trails
C.B. Colby (Ed.)
Street & Smith Publications, Inc., New York
April  1943
Magazine, 72 pages

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About this title

"Air Trails Pictorial"
Vol. XX, No. 1


Aerial Argonaut - Capt. James Farber, AAF
Know 'Em By Name - Peter M. Bowers & Cristopher A. Fried
Transparent Fighter
The Constellation - Hall L. Hibbard
Turret Tamers
Who Goes There? - James Montagnes
Old Planes Never Die - William H. Taylor
New Planes
Air Trails Planbook No. 2
Youth in Aviation
Flying Wings - Henry Cole
Liberator B-24 in Color
Spitfire - Harold E. Coovert
Get the Point - Carroll K. Moon
Stirling on a string - Ellis Sigmon
Model Matters
Porkey - Eldred Hoopengarner
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Interesting fact on page 10. It would seem that the venerable Douglas C47 was only called 'Dakota' by the RAF while the Yanks called it 'Skytrain'.
Daithi - 03/06/2019
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