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Model Builder 1977/07 July

Model Builder 1977/07 July - cover thumbnail  

"We would be honored to have this gentleman on our cover any month, but this one in particular, as in a few weeks he will be 65 years young and retiring from the 'other occupation' that keeps most every modeler away form his pastime at least 40 hours a week. Of course, it is Frank Zaic."

Model Builder 1977/07 July
Model Builder
Wm. C. Northrop, Jr. (Ed.)
Model Builder Magazine, California
July  1977
Magazine, 110 pages

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About this title

Vol. 7, No. 67


Workbench - Bill Northrop
"Three If By Air" - Letters to the Editor
Over the Counter - Eloy Marez
Remotely Speaking - Bill Northrop
Products in Use: Heathkit Multimeter - Eloy Marez
Chopper Chatter - John Tucker
Plug Sparks - John Pond
R/C Pylon - Jim Gager
Strictly Sail - Rod Carr
Products in Use: Dumas and K&B - Charlie Viosca
Control Line - Dan Rutherford
The Half-A Scene - Larry Renger
R/C Soaring - Dr Larry Fogel
F/F Scale - Fernando Ramos
Hannan's Hangar - Bill Hannan
Model Rocketry - Douglas Pratt
US Western Regional A/2 Team Trial - Gary Medley
Free Flight - Bob Stalick

Vought OS2U-3 "Kingfisher" - Eliot Kimble
Frank Zaic's "New Yorker IV" O.T. - Northrop & Patterson
"Quick-Pit" Flight Box - Rich "von" Lopez
"Hotbox" P-30 Class Rubber - John Oldenkamp
Peanut Morane Saulnier Racer - Walt Mooney

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Model Builder 1977/07 July
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