Models and Musings (RCL#2481)

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"Avec de la patience, on arrive à tout."

"With patience, one arrives at everything."

About this Title

Models and Musings
Bill Hannan
W.C. Hannan Graphics, Escondido, CA
Book, 58 pages

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About this title

An eclectic compilation of Bill Hannan's writing about models and modelling, plus 16 of his plans that are "low in technology but high in FUN".

"Within these pages are gathered a selection of items culled, for the most part, from the author's published magazine articles. Other items may be appearing here for the first time."

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Models and Musings
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Oh. My old friends Bill Hannan's Models and Musings? This is only one of his excellent books on Peanut scale models, research and much more! Extraordinary man, extraordinary book (as always!)
Tiberiu - 03/05/2019
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