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"Often washout is recommended for a wing tip to keep the tip from stalling too soon. Can you recommend some ways to build it in to the aircraft?"

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Flying Models 1978/10 October
Flying Models
Donald J. McGovern (Ed.)
Carstens Publications, Inc., New Jersey
October  1978
Magazine, 76 pages

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About this title

"Including Flying Aces"
Vol. 81, No. X; No. 495


Aircraft Features:
Champions' Anderson Kingfisher - Russell Zubach
Rhinebeck Classics - Frank Tiano
1913 Morane-Saulnier Parasol - Larry Kruse
Royal Electronics' 1/2A Servo Kit - Bob Aberle
Flyin' Things for Fledglings - Earl Van Gorder
Chopsticks - Dan Reiss
MRC's Webra .10 - Bob Aberle
Gas Powered Cadet - Ben Shereshaw
With Model Builders - Ed Whalley

R/C Model Boating:
Excaliber - Tim Harvey
Isolated Needle Valves - Don Bilsky
Oklahoma Points Racing - Andy Seay
Beef Up Your K&B 6.5 - John Ackerman

Air Mail
Flying Report
FM Clinic
Classified Ads
Letter Rip!
Dealer Directory
Ad Index

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