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Grid Leaks 1965/03 March-April

Grid Leaks 1965/03 March-April - cover thumbnail  

"This month's column is dedicated to the experimenter, the tinkerer, the do-it-yourselfer. There seems to be a tendency on the part of some to look down their noses at this side of the RC hobby, classifying experimenters as "off-beat", and sometimes in even more derogatory terms."

Grid Leaks 1965/03 March-April
Grid Leaks
William Winter (Ed.)
Ace R/C Inc., Higginsville, Mo.
March  1965
Magazine, 36 pages

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About this title

"The R/C Data Service"
Vol. 6, No. 2

Grid Leaks at Play
The Monitor
Readers Write
Radio Control:How it Works
Bellamatic Relayless Driver
Pietenpol Aircamper
Servo Amplifier Experiment
How to R/C a Sailboat
Automatic Charging for Reliability
Charging of Vented Nickel Cads
Bits & Pieces

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