Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion 1969/06 June (RCL#2405)

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"Nous avons déjà publié dans le MRA plusieurs plans d'excellents planeurs télécommandés."

"We have already published in the MRA several plans for excellent remote control gliders."

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Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion 1969/06 June
Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion
Maurice Bayet (Ed.)
Publications M.R.A., Paris
June  1969
Magazine, 25 pages

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About this title

French monthly scale model magazine: No. 361

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SFAN I, motorglider, radio controlled scale model - M. Bayet
SFAN I plan: M.R.A. issue
ELF plan, C/L stunt and combat model - A. Daviès
Plan of Philippe Lepage's Wakefield - G. Pierre-Bès
Today's menu: Philippe Lepage's Wakefield - G. Pierre-Bès
"Gruyère", RC slope glider - G. Rottier
The meteorological weather aircraft F.W. 47 D
Trial conclusions of the "Microlite" - Le Perroquet
Robert Dahmet
Federal agenda - Contests
Should we exterminate the independent modelers? - G. Matherat

Insert: plan of M. Guy Rottier's (M.A.C.N.E.S.E.) slope soaring "Gruyère" RC Nordic Gilder

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User comments:

Thanks for posting the MRA magazine! They seem to be hard to find but have some really good content - hopefully you have many more MRA back numbers. I would be particularly interested in the very early issues; I found Numbers 423 and 427, when seeking info on the Peyret Taupin, and they refer to No. 70 of April 1944 which apparently had more Peyret information. Many thanks for your great website.
Chris - 31/01/2019
Added list of Contents, thanks to Paul.
Mary - 11/02/2019
Must agree. Many great articles. I built 'Le Hun' after drawing up the plan to full size and it is very competitive. I have a few old MRAs from 1952 - 1953. I shall scan and post here as I get the time. It does take a few hours from building models so please be patient. MRA #1 had the minutes of the first meeting of the CIAM in 1937, these were lost during WWII so I presented this magazine to the president of the CIAM to update the records when I attended CIAM in Paris 1987.
DannyM - 16/02/2019
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