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"The entire system of mass production of interchangeable parts is based on the principle of manufacturing tolerances - that is to say, every dimension of a part is held to certain fixed limits above or below which it may not go."

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Air Trails 1942/05 May
Air Trails
C.B. Colby (Ed.)
Street & Smith Publications, Inc., New York
May  1942
Magazine, 68 pages

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About this title

Vol. XVIII, No. 2


The Cobra Strikes
What Do You Mean, Precision? - HE Linsley
What's Your Question?
Thin Air Fighter - John R. Hoyt
Voice from the Tower - William Flynn
Airplanes are Growing on Trees - Edward Fenton
War-Bred Designs
Aircraft Armour - James LH Peck
The Dope Can - Gordon S. Light
A Davis Wing for Every Model - Henry Cole
Mosca Flying Scale - HA Thomas
Douglas Havoc in Three-View - JB Rust
Ask Balsa Butch
Home-Made Wind Tunnel - RC Clifford
Ideas for Radio Control - Clinton B. DeSoto
For the Duration - Carroll Moon
The Sharpshooter - John Wullschlager
Down the Runway - Al Lewis
P-40E Shelf Model - Ronnie Albert
Traveling Salesman
Airacobra Pilot
Messerschmitt 109-F in Three-View - JB Rust

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Hi, you have the wrong month for part B, should be 05. Could not exist without my daily "Outerzone".
TedAvey - 27/01/2019
Thanks for spotting my mistake Ted :) It is the right file, just incorrectly named! I've changed it just now.
Mary - 27/01/2019
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