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"The 5-ft semi-scale Algerine class minesweeper is particularly interesting from the construction and performance angles, since it is built entirely from dried milk tins and achieves a remarkable high speed for its small power."

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Model Maker 1956/06 June
Model Maker
D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson & V.E. Smeed (Eds.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Watford, Herts.
June  1956
Magazine, 30 pages

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About this title

Vol. 6, No. 67


Model Cars:
Converting a Gowland Bentley for Electric Rail Racing
Food for Thought, Pt. I: Introduction to Model Cars
Rail Racing in the North
Tipo Corsa Jetex Powered Specials

Model Ships & Sailing Craft:
"Taranaki": Cargo Boat for Steam Operation, Pt. I
Idea for an Outboard Motor!
Re-Rigging an Old Yacht
Tincan Model Minesweeper
"Sorceress" Lightweight 10-Rater
"Audrey VII": Simple Little Cabin Cruiser
"Nautilus": First Atomic-Powered Submarine
On the Right Tack: Steering
Tucker's Topical Talks

Test Your Nerves: Model Maker at the Garden Fete
Model Maker Motor Test: Bassett Lowke No. 1461
"Coot" Amphibian Weirdie of the Future
Simple Photoflash Outfit
Readers Write
Cheap Testmeters

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Love your web sites, there seems to be a couple (at least) of pages missing at the end, no 323 or 324 or ?
TedAvey - 19/01/2019
Sorry Ted, some of these issues were scanned ages ago and stripped of most of the ads and non-boating articles. It's just the way it was done at the time. If anyone has a complete copy and can scan and share the missing pages, we'll happily add them?
Mary - 19/01/2019
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