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Air Trails 1941/12 December

Air Trails 1941/12 December - cover thumbnail  

"After the war, aviation will undoubtedly have a slump compared with what it will be at the height of the present boom, but it will never go back to the size it was in the mid 1930s."

Air Trails 1941/12 December
Air Trails
C.B. Colby (Ed.)
Street & Smith Publications, Inc., New York
December  1941
Magazine, 67 pages

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About this title

Vol. XVII, No. 3


Balloon Barrage School
Douglas City
Britain Will Attack! - William Courtenay
Stirling Crew
Jobs After the War - James Rollins
Aviators Pass It, Can You? - John R. Hoyt
CAA Air Traffic Rules - Douglas Rolfe
Glider Parade - Alexis Dawydoff
Meet the Curtiss P-40D
RAF Slanguage

What's Your Question?

Model Section:
Model Matters
Quaker City Tricks
Strato-Streak - Louis Garami
Don't Change the Rules - Carl Goldberg
National Records
Scale the Curtiss 0-52 - Ronnie Albert
Model Career Men
Why Not Pushers? - George DeLaMater
Mosca I-16 Fighter - Stockton Ferris
Down the Runway - Al Lewis
Canine Chaser
Curtiss SB2C-I Dive Bomber - Robert Lloyd Brown
"Don't Quote Me!" - Traveling Salesman

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