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"I am just getting into R/C and it's time to buy a radio. There are so many different brands and prices, I've no idea where to turn. Is there a big difference in brands of radios? If you read the ads, everyone says theirs is the best. Who should I believe, what should I buy?"

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Flying Models 1977/07 July
Flying Models
Donald J. McGovern (Ed.)
Carstens Publications, Inc., New Jersey
July  1977
Magazine, 76 pages

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About this title

"Including Flying Aces"
Vol. 80, No. VII; No. 481


Aircraft Features:
Wild Goose - Dick Sarpolus
Mathes Electronic Systems Series 7500-D - Bob Aberle
Half-Sized Scram - DB Mathews
23rd Annual Toledo R/C Exposition - Bob Hoeckele
Stand-Off R/C Fokker T-2 - Don Martin
Maximum Sailplane Speed - Richard Weber
With Model Builders - Ed Whalley

R/C Model Boating:
Boats at Toledo - Bob Hoeckle
Hughey Boats' 20 Rigger - Bob Staat

Flying Report
FM Clinic
Classified Ads
Letter Rip!
Dealer Directory
Advertising Index

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Really pleased to see this magazine appearing on the RC Library. I remember subscribing to Flying Models in the early 1960s when it only published every two months, it took a fair chunk of my paper-round money, but was well worth it. Sadly my collection has long been lost, so here's hoping the present guardians of collections of this excellent magazine can delight us with more issues.
Stormin - 06/12/2018
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