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Grid Leaks 1964/05 May-June

Grid Leaks 1964/05 May-June - cover thumbnail  

"The last issue of Grid Leaks contained no ringbinder holes. This was done as an experiment to get reader reaction. As this is being written it is, of course, too early to say whether or not there will be a reaction or, if there is, to predict what that reaction will be."

Grid Leaks 1964/05 May-June
Grid Leaks
William Winter (Ed.)
Ace R/C Inc., Higginsville, Mo.
May  1964
Magazine, 36 pages

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About this title

"The R/C Data Service"
Vol. 5, No. 3

Grid Leaks at Play
The Monitor
An Interference Resistant Receiver
Half Pint
Gemini Single Channel Transmite Switcher
Proportional Control in Perspective
R/Cing the Bulldog Tank
Improving the Marcy PRM-1 System
R/C Jay
R/C Jay Plans
Seen These?
Bits and Pieces
Notes on Superhet Receivers

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