Air Trails Annual 1954 (RCL#2346)

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"Although Jim Walker of Portland did not invent the model airplane, he has done more to popularize air-modelling than anyone else in the world."

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Air Trails Annual 1954
Air Trails
Albert L. Lewis
Street & Smith Publications, Inc., New York
Book, 100 pages

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About this title

Air Trails Model Annual for 1953


"Over 200 model plane plans, diagrams, sketches & photos
Plus radio control models"

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Air Trails Annual 1954
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User comments:

I know scanning books or mags is one heck of a bore, so it's perfectly acceptable if one searches for inspiration in the spirits shelf. This Air Trails 1954 Annual must be proof of that - the person doing this scan surely must have looked for relief as shown by all those pages upside down or rotated left and right. This isn't complaining, I have the utmost gratitude to all those kind people offering their time and patience to bring these delightful scans to us with little or no thanks. Under that light a technical quibble is not here nor there, and whoever complains will they please step up and do a better job! In any case I had a good laugh gyrating like a dervish trying to follow the pages.
Miguel - 21/11/2018
Haha! I know what you mean about the twisting & turning, Miguel :) But as you say, we're just really REALLY grateful to the people who do the hard work of scanning all these old magazines & books for us.
Mary - 21/11/2018
Just added a replacement version of this title, thanks to psh. For those with stiff necks ;)
Mary - 24/11/2018
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