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"Several years ago when the Bridi kit of the AT-6 Texan became available, it was a real hassle to find documentation on this training craft. Fortunately, Walter Ohlrich and Jeff Ethell have unearthed a ton of data and nostalgia about the AT-6, and have put it all in a book."

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Scale R/C Modeler 1983/12 December
Scale R/C Modeler
Patrick H. Potega (Ed.)
Challenge Publications, Inc., CA
December  1983
Magazine, 84 pages

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About this title

Vol. 9, No. 6


Battle of Britain Special:
Hurricane Revisited - O'Meara
Modelling Galland's Bf-109E4 - Beaulieu

All-Scale Days - Miller

Contest Report:
Rocket-Powered Komet - Apoian
Giant-Sized PT-19 - Daniell
Viva Il Falco! (Part 1) - Shenk
Sopwith Tabloid - Polapink
Salute to Jenny - Voss
Simple Scale Landing Gear - Lundquist

Hobbypoxy Military Colors
Book Notes

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I love the advert on page 79 for solid scale model ducks - I don't think they'd fly though.
Daithi - 26/10/2018
:D :D :D
Mary - 26/10/2018
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