Air Trails 1941/09 September (RCL#2313)

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"There will be no depression in the aircraft industry at the end of this national emergency."

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Air Trails 1941/09 September
Air Trails
C.B. Colby (Ed.)
Street & Smith Publications, Inc., New York
September  1941
Magazine, 69 pages

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About this title

Vol. XVI, No. 6


Consolidated Close-Up
Tomorrow's Air Might - Major Gen. HH Arnold
What if New York is Bombed? - OB Myers
Priorities May Help the Light Plane! - EE Porterfield Jr.
The Farmer Builds a Field - James A. Wales, Jr.
Why Pick an Air School? - John H. Riordan
Super-Men for Super-Ships - John R. Hoyt
Glider Bandwagon - Alexis Dawydoff
Vertical Flight Has a Future - Douglas Rolfe
Sky Scanners
Meet the P-38
Future Fighter?

What's Your Question?

Model Section:
Model Matters
The Request - Frank Ehling
Webfoot Meet
Down the Runway - Al Lewis
Skyrocket - Sid Struhl
Model's Eye View
Stickler - Dick Korda
The Flipper - Herr Foil
Consolidated PB2Y-2
"Don't Quote Me!" - Traveling Salesman
Wellington Bomber

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Hello - I am an aeromodeller in Australia and if time permits I hope to build a model that is featured in Airtrails Sept 1941. Discovering your site and finding this issue in your free library is a wonderful resource. Thank you very much.
JohnQuigley - 19/12/2018
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