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RC Soaring Digest 1985/12 December

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"I've always been interested in gliders. I grew up on a farm in Northern Germany and with a great interest in animals. The majestic black and white stork was one of my favorites. I would watch it for hours soaring through the sky."

RC Soaring Digest 1985/12 December
RC Soaring Digest
Jim Gray (Ed.)
J.H. Gray, Peterborough, N.H.
December  1985
Magazine, 12 pages

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About this title

Vol. 2, No. 12 of monthly newsletter dedicated to RC soaring and sailplanes.

Helmut Lelke's Heidi
Hi Start - Jim Gray
Mail from Here 'n' There
Kit Review: 'El Primero' & Stepp Two - Bob Gracey
Trailing Edges - Bruce Abell
Aerotowing, A 'Big Brother' Way to Launch - J. Lee Smith
RCSD Profile: Helmut Lelke - Bob Rondeau
Heidi Photos
On/ Off, Charging Jack - Ty Sawyer
Bob Rondeau's BLP, More Details - Bob Rondeau
All-Singing, All-Dancing, All-Flying Mixer Scheme - Chris Adams

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