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Air Trails 1941/08 August

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"The sooner it is generally realized that the majority of the model builders of America are a serious group of young men actively engaged in the study of aviation, the better it will be for both builders and the industry."

Air Trails 1941/08 August
Air Trails
C.B. Colby (Ed.)
Street & Smith Publications, Inc., New York
August  1941
Magazine, 67 pages

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About this title

Vol. XVI, No. 5


Bombers by Martin
Supercharged Pilots - John R. Hoyt
Service Test - Rush! - Douglas Ingells
Seen At Wright Field
Guns Win Battles - Tracy Richardson
Gliders Fill a Need - Alexis Dawydoff
Vertical Flight Has a Future - Douglas Rolfe
Straws in the Wind - Douglas Ingells
Reviewing Stand
Flying Box Cars - Allan Finn
Meet the B-24

What's Your Question?

Model Section:
Model Matters
Model Tintypes
Nomad - Charles Hollinger
Model Career Men, No. 2
Slide, Rule, Slide! - George Huggins
Mulvihill Trophy Winner - Homer Heller
Why Slots? - Jacques Shaw & Bill Tyler
Nory American B-25 Bomber - JB Rust
New Radio-Control Escapement
Double-Decker - Austin Rinaldi
Down the Runway - Al Lewis
"Don't Quote Me!" - Traveling Salesman

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