RCM 1981/04 April (RCL#2257)

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"It's about time we got back to the subject of the ways and means of doing a better job of flying that wonderful creation of yours."

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RCM 1981/04 April
Don Dewey (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
April  1981
Magazine, 97 pages

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About this title

Vol. 18, No. 4


From the Shop - Don Dewey
Cunningham on RC - Chuck Cunningham
Sunday Flier - Ken Willard
Flying Lowe - Don Lowe
Engine Clinic - Clarence Lee
Power Boating - Howard Power
RCM Product Review: Sorcerer
Sagitta 900 - Lee Renaud & Larry Jolly
Give It A Whirl - John Gorham
Radio Spectrum - Jim Oddino
Here's How - Jerry Smith
Aerotique - George F. Jennings
RCM Product Review: Scamp
Soaring - Al Doig
Scale Views - Claude McCullough
Pit Stop - Gene Husting
Big is Beautiful - Dick Phillips
Honker Rocket - Dave Thornburg
Webra Dynamix Carburetor - Robert H. Munn
Anyone Can Do a Balancing Act - Frank Tiano
Better Way To Finish Foam Wings - CJ Viosca
Shelley Foss - William R. Shaub
Frequency Board for Peace of Mind - John Valentine
Airtronics XL - RCM Staff
Cessna 180 With a Low Wing? - Ray A. Mayes
Showcase '81
RCM Product Review: QB60
For What It's Worth
RCM Model of the Month Contest
Readers Exchange
Advertisers Index

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A disappointed reader has spotted that page 164 is missing from this issue of RCM. Does anyone have a copy of the page they can scan and share with us?
Mary - 02/09/2018
I've uploaded the missing page 164 - many thanks to psh :) It's a separate file for now. I'll incorporate it into the main title file when I have time.
Mary - 04/09/2018
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