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Modelar 1991/11 November

Modelar 1991/11 November - cover thumbnail  

"Letadla - Lode - Rakety - Auta - Zeleznice"

"Aircraft - Boats - Rockets - Cars - Railways"

Modelar 1991/11 November
Otakar Saffek (Ed.)
Vydavatelstvi MAGNET-PRESS, Prague
November  1991
Magazine, 36 pages

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About this title

Vol. XLII, No. 11 of the monthly Czech language modelling magazine.

J. Smola's Memorial Competition
Hawker Typhoon - chuck glider
Messerschmitt Bf 109E, kit for the Modela CO2 engine
Czechoslovak aircraft L-60 Brigadyr powered by Modela CO2 engine
Airfoil measurements performed without the use of a wing tunnel
Sokol M1-D, C/L semiscale powered by 1,5-2 cm3 engine
Chat about propellers
ESO, RC power model airplane
A field box
Stealth F-117, ducted fan jet model
Aircraft technology: De Havilland Moth Minor
Czechoslovak Model Rocket Nationals
Yankee Racing Show for RC Cars
World Championships Naviga for C-category
Kit of service wagon CSD Daa-k
Baipassenger carriage manufactured of the epoxy cast

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