Modelar 1991/05 May (RCL#2227)

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"Letadla - Lode - Rakety - Auta - Zeleznice"

"Aircraft - Boats - Rockets - Cars - Railways"

About this Title

Modelar 1991/05 May
Otakar Saffek (Ed.)
Vydavatelstvi MAGNET-PRESS, Prague
May  1991
Magazine, 32 pages

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About this title

Vol. XLII, No. 5 of the monthly Czech language modelling magazine.

Ben, chuck glider
Rajka, rubber powered oldtimer
Indoor model airplane - S. Kujawa
Conversion of Modela CO2 engine
F1A Liptov, contest soarer
R-115, primary A3 glider
VVS-2, RC competition glider for category V2
Wilga, sport RC semiscale model airplane powered by 10 cm3 engine
Aircraft technology: Antonov A-15, Soviet glider
Model boat novelties at Nuremberg Toy Fair '91
Chassis for RC electric model car EC 4x4J
Railway models at Nuremberg Toy Fair '91
Beakers 87, American rocket glider

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Few pages missing...15 - 18! More detail on that Wilga, please!
Marty - 13/07/2018
Sorry, I didn't spot that! I'll ask the contributor if they can rescan.
Mary - 13/07/2018
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