RCM 1977/11 November (RCL#2223)

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"There continues to be a growing use of radio controlled models for things other than just the enjoyment of flying. In fact, in this summer's smash movie, 'Star Wars', radio control was used for controlling some of the robots."

About this Title

RCM 1977/11 November
Don Dewey (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
November  1977
Magazine, 121 pages

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About this title

Vol. 14, No. 11


From the Shop
Cunningham on RC
Engine Clinic
Coping With Crashes
Sunday Flier
Pit Stop
Lazy Ace
Armchair Ace
Borne Free
Scratch-Built Runabout
RCM Visits Oshkosh '76
RCM Product Test: J-Bird
Radio Specs: Royal Electronics
Radio Specs: MRC
RCM Product Test: Road Runner
RC Autogyro Super Libelle
Racing at Random
Here's How
RCM Product Test: The Exeter
RC World of "Capricorn One"
Ducted Fan Design, Part II
Dick's Discoveries
Modelers, Man Your Planes
For Old Time's Sake
Building the Automatic Field Charger
1977 Rhinebeck Classic
Radio Spectrum
Power Boating
RCM Workshop
Build a Frequency Wheel
Custom Fit Spinner
Incidence Made Easy
RCM Product Test: Piper Cub J-3
RCM Product Test: Buzzard Bombshell
For What It's Worth
Showcase '77
Model of the Month
Readers' Exchange
Advertiser Index
Reader Service

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NB: There is a formatting problem with this scan. If you wait a few moments, most of the magazine does load, but there are also 7 blank pages. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about it, as I don't have the original magazine to re-scan, just the scan as it was submitted to us.


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User comments:

Hi everyone, apologies for the problems with the November 1977 issue of RCM: 7 of the pages are entirely blank. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about this, as I don't have the original magazine to re-scan, just the scan as it was submitted to us. If anyone out there has the missing pages and can scan and share, we'll be very grateful :)
Mary - 10/07/2018
I wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone has RC Modeler Magazine, Nov 1977 issue. I'm looking for page 52-54 - Review of J-Bird (RCM Product Test). I found online at RCL a pdf copy of the magazine but it is actually missing the pages I need. I see the article is listed in the magazine's table of contents. Is it possible if someone has a copy of RC Modeler Nov 1977 they could either scan or just take a picture with their phone of pages 52, 53 & 54? I actually built the J-Bird awhile ago and wanted to read what RC Modeler had written about the plane. Thank you in advance.
Phil - 30/06/2019
The J-Bird review does not continue on pages 53 and 54. Those two pages were ads which were eliminated. Article parts are on pages 146 and 148. The article is attached to this message.
Paul - 12/07/2019
Many thanks Paul :) The complete article is available for download now.
Mary - 12/07/2019
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