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Model Airplane News 1931/02 February

Model Airplane News 1931/02 February - cover thumbnail  

"If time is money, as many say, then a good carpenter cannot afford to hunt for a particular nail or screw he may wish to use within a drawer, box or tray, where a hundred different lengths, shapes and sizes are kept in a scrambled heap. He cannot afford to do it and a good carpenter refuses to do so."

Model Airplane News 1931/02 February
Model Airplane News
Captain HJ Loftus-Price (Ed.)
Good Story Magazine Company, Inc., New York
February  1931
Magazine, 52 pages

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About this title

Model Airplane News & Junior Mechanics - Vol. IV, No. 2


Gliding & Soaring - Percival & Mat White
The Latest in Aerial Cameras (photographs)
How to Build the Trans-Atlantic "?" - Mortimer Rosenbaum
American Sky Cadets
How to Build a Model Autogyro - Prof. TN deBobrovsky
US Army Air Corps Maneuvers (photographs)
Special Course in Air Navigation - Capt. Leslie S. Potter
Aviation Advisory Board
Distinguishing Emblems of the US Army Air Corps (photographs)
The Mystery of the Silver Dart - Ray Creena
A Course in Airplane Designing - Ken Sinclair
A Nail Cabinet Saves Time & Temper - Edwin T. Hamilton

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Model Airplane News 1931/02 February
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