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"Realizing the need and demand for an up-to-date article on gliding and the plans for building a modern glider, I spent considerable time interviewing several well know technical aviation men on the subject, hoping to find some one who was well versed in this comparatively new art which is now making itself felt in all aviation circles."

About this Title

How to Build and Fly a Glider
Arch Whitehouse
Magazine Publishers, Inc., New York
Book, 66 pages

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About this title

"A complete instruction booklet on the art of gliding as it is practiced to-day with plans and directions for building a modern glider in the home workshop."

Written by Arch Whitehouse, Technical Editor of Flying Aces Magazine and former Royal Air Force pilot. Originally published in 1926, reprinted in 2007 by Lindsay Publications Inc., Bradley, IL.

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How to Build and Fly a Glider
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I recently found this reprint of a 1929 pamphlet on How to Build and Fly a Glider by Arch Whitehouse. He covers building the Whitehouse Wasp, which appears to be a copy of the 1926 Lippisch Zoegling or Hols der Teufel primary glider or 1928 Northrop primary glider. With your recent publishing of the 1930s Model Airplane News with articles about learning to fly on this type of glider, I thought this might be a good reference addition to the library. Lately, I'm on a 1920s & '30s primary glider kick for some unknown reason and have been looking up all the relevant period documentation that was published. I've found several, but not all of the Flugzeugbau und Luftfahrt pamphlets (Hefts 11,12,13,14,17&18) from Germany and can't find How to Build and Fly Gliders by Hugo Gernsback from 1929. If any other readers have these on their book shelves, it would be good to get them converted to pdf and archived somewhere for all to use before there's a house cleaning or garage sale and these important booklets from way back then disappear. They're 80 or 90 years old and mostly paperback books. They're importance has a tendency to be overlooked, just like old magazines.
Randy - 15/05/2018
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