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"Remember the Cumulus and the Cirrus from Graupner, which won numerous trophies with their pilots? These planes' airfoils were also of the 'flat bottom and curved top' family. When ballasted they could penetrate."

About this Title

Airfoil History Class
February  2013
Other, 26 pages

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About this title

An interesting work about competition RC sailplanes and their airfoils up to 2000-2001.

Scanned copy of a printed article from * (*no longer available online, so link doesn't work).

Airfoil history class
Why bother with airfoils?
Choosing airfoils
Model design
Clark Y
E 226
FK 32r4
HD 48
MH 32
NACA 2410 mod.
RG 15
S 3021
S 7055
S 7075
SA 7035, 7036 & 7038
SD 7037 & SD 7032

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Airfoil History Class
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